Alarm Monitoring

Our range of alarm monitoring options are designed to suit every organisation’s individual requirements, whether you want to internally manage alerts from your team’s personal safety alarms or prefer to enlist our team of highly-trained professionals, available 24/7. All solutions will give workers peace of mind should they need to activate the alarm, and ensure they are connected to the appropriate assistance quickly and safely.

Monitoring by Vatix

If you choose Monitoring by Vatix, alarms will connect your workers to our team of highly-trained operators, with specific escalation instructions set out by each customer. This means that should one of your employees activate their alarm, the operator will follow directions on how to deal with the alert based on your Protector™ profile.

  • Highly trained operators available 24/7.
  • Bespoke response instructions decided by you.
  • Operators will remain on a two-way voice call with the worker until the incident is resolved.
  • Fully British Standards (BS:8484:2016) accredited.
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Advanced Self-Monitoring

If you wish to monitor your own personal safety alarms then this is possible with our Advanced Self-Monitoring option. With this, when a personal safety device is activated by one of your users the call will automatically be forwarded to one of the up to 10 emergency contacts decided by you.
  • The user will automatically be connected to the first available contact in your list.
  • All calls are recorded for review purposes and the incident is logged within Protector™.

Have Your Own Alarm Monitoring Centre?

Of course, we are also happy to work with those who have their own Alarm Monitoring Centre and in the past have deployed our Protector™ Monitoring application in large enterprises and government organisations that do. With this option, you get:
  • An entirely web-based application - no need for expensive equipment and hardware.
  • Training for your operators and/or ongoing refresher courses.
  • The ability to outsource the alarm monitoring system and technology management and focus on monitoring itself.
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Answering your most common questions regarding our alarm monitoring services.

Will Monitored by Vatix operators contact the emergency services?

When one of Vatix’s operators is alerted to an incident, they will make an assessment and contact emergency services should they deem it necessary. As an alarm monitoring company, we are British Standards certified and this entitles us to a direct police response in these cases, and should this happen the incident will be assigned a Unique Reference Number (URN) that can then be used to request a direct response from the nearest local police control room. By bypassing the 999 services, we ensure that the incident is met by the fastest response.

Pick Your Plan

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