Protector Mobile - The new lone working app from Vatix

September 10, 2020
Caroline Preece

The entire team at Vatix has been hard at work all summer and we now have an exciting announcement - our new lone working app Protector Mobile is live on iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the Google Play or App Store today!

Protector Mobile is just the latest way you can use our industry-leading Protector™ platform to manage your workforce and keep your lone workers safe from harm, combining all of the best features of the platform that you’re used to with some brand new elements that’ll make your health and safety strategy even more seamless and easy to manage than before.

As with your current lone worker alarms and Protector™ by Vatix, you can use the lone worker app to send out an SOS alert and log incidents, categorising them as follows:

  • Hazard
  • Near Miss
  • Maintenance
  • Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Theft

Once these incidents have been logged, other users can view details such as location, who the report has come from, and any additional notes that have been left. Very soon, you will be able to upload files and images to these incident reports.

Voice and text messages can also be logged with the app, allowing workers to tell coworkers or supervisors where they will be at a certain time, or that they are performing a particular job. This ensures that if a worker is injured and unable to let anyone know, their movements will have been recorded.

One of the most exciting additions is the introduction of the Timed Alerts feature, which allows users to set a timer that must be switched off manually. This ensures that an operator will be alerted should the user fail to turn off the alert within the chosen time period.

We’re incredibly excited about this next step in our mission to support businesses across a vast range of industries in taking care of their employees and look forward to hearing from our customers about how our lone working app has helped them achieve this. We’d also love to hear about features you’d like to see in the future.

If you are already a Vatix customer and want to find out more about the app, or want to discover how our wider lone worker solutions could help your business, get in touch here or on 020 3991 5555.