Protector Mobile

Now your lone workers can quickly get help in an emergency with the touch of a button. Accurately track their location and send immediate help.
  • Real-time GPS tracking. Accurately track workers.
  • Powerful Self Monitoring. Easily handle incidents in-house
  • Flexible Billing. Forget multi-year contracts that tie you in.
  • BS8484 Accredited. Trusted and certified supplier.

Lone Worker Protection Without The Need For Physical Hardware

Our lone worker app can be more appropriate than a dedicated device.

Easier Roll Out

Your lone workers can quickly and easily download the app on iOS and Android. No complicated manuals needed or lengthy setup required.

Higher Usage

With a simple-to-use interface, your workers don’t have to be techy. Quickly get help in a crisis or easily make a note of non-emergency incidents.

Lower Upfront Cost

As no alarms or devices are needed, you just pay a simple subscription. No hidden fees or complex cancellation procedures.

Get Immediate Help With Just One Click

All your lone workers have to do is hold the alert button on the app for 3 seconds to send an emergency alarm to the monitoring team you choose.
  • Quickly set up a two-way call with a team member or operator
  • See exactly where your workers are located in real-time when an alarm is activated
  • Automatically log every incident to satisfy H&S requirements

Automate Timed Check-Ins

Now your lone workers can enter a timer themselves when they start working in a dangerous area or with potentially dangerous people. If they don’t end the timer, an alert is sent so someone can check in on them.
  • Enter check-ins in as short as 1 minute intervals
  • Leave notes before entering a dangerous situation with where you are and how long you expect to be.
  • Working at height? Leaving notes ensures your lone workers’ location can be found (GPS can’t track what height or floor you’re working at).

Record Any Incident, Not Just Emergencies

Perfect for managers that don’t have the systems to seamlessly track and record all the site issues in one place. Keep a log of issues like near misses, maintenance issues and property damage and proactively keep on top of them.
  • Quickly report incidents or accidents whilst on the move
  • Attach images, notes and accurate location data to your report
  • Customise the type of incidents specifically to your business

The Easiest Lone Worker Platform You’ll Use to Manage Lone Workers

Health and safety managers know that conventional lone worker software can be a headache to use. Protector™ by Vatix is a beautifully simple system to easily manage all of your users, devices and incidents.
  • See exactly where your workers are located in real-time when an alarm is activated
  • Automatically log every incident and automate your audit trail to satisfy H&S legislation
  • Easily add and manage users, devices as your company scales
  • Advanced privacy and permission controls ensure GDPR compliance at every stage