Hazard Reporting System

Empower your staff to report hazards without friction using their smartphones.
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hazard reporting system

Prevent Incidents from Happening

By reporting hazards that pose a risk in the workplace, employees can prevent potential incidents from happening in the first place.

Incidents software makes it possible for employees to report hazards on the spot through our mobile app. This helps managers enforce preventive actions before these hazards can cause harm.

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Know When Danger is at Hand

With the flexibility to categorise the hazards reported, employees can be notified when a new hazard has been reported in their work area. This enables employees to take caution while waiting for preventive measures to be rolled out.

Managers can then search and filter for hazards based on custom incident types and search terms. This can streamline how managers roll out preventive actions according to type, area, or urgency.
hazard reporting system
hazard reporting system

Enable Proactivity for
a Safer Workplace

Incidents’s user-friendly design makes it easy for your employees to report possible dangers, what helps preventing near misses and incidents before they happen.

Your organisation will move from a reactive safety management culture to a proactive one. Now, you can enjoy a safer workplace where everyone’s got each other’s backs.

The Complete Hazard Reporting Solution

Protector’s incident reporting solution is more than just an app—it allows you to report incidents, near misses, and hazards in real time to transform workplace safety management culture.

This solution is for any responsible manager who sees the value in reducing friction and simplifying reporting procedures, so that frontline employees are empowered to be the company’s eyes and ears on the field to proactively improve workplace safety.
hazard reporting system

Avoid incidents from happening

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