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Transform the way your organisation captures, manages and learns from incidents.
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Key Features

Optimise incident management with our mobile and web-based reporting solution, offering a centralised platform for seamless incident reporting, investigation, and follow-up action tracking across your organisation.
incident reporting software

Easily Report Incidents on Mobile, Web and Tablet

Many organisations face challenges with incident reporting due to the friction involved in the process. As a result, some incidents may go unreported, which can lead to compliance gaps and an increased risk of accidents in the workplace.

With our platform, any employee can easily report incidents from a smartphone, tablets or our web application. By streamlining this process, your organisation will increase staff engagement and enhance compliance.

Manage Incidents From a Single View

Incident management can be complex when relying on traditional methods such as paper forms, email chains, or spreadsheets. Tracking investigations, monitoring progress, and ensuring timely resolution is challenging.

Our platform simplifies the incident and investigation processes. It enables you to manage the full incident lifecycle, from submitting reports to tracking corrective actions with ease. Upgrade to a streamlined, organised approach for your organisation.
incident reporting software

Tailor the Platform to Align with your Processes

Customise the incident forms for your requirements and ensure the gathering of consistent and complete information.

Enhance the incident record view by adding custom fields and sections as required, ensuring that all relevant information related to each event is easily accessible.

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Collect All Relevant Information

Our software makes it easier for managers to oversee incidents with a customisable incident record view, an activity timeline, and the ability to attach files.

Custom Fields and Sections

Customise the incident record view by creating custom fields to suit your needs. This allows you to store and view all relevant information about each incident in an efficient manner.

Add Comments and Attach Files

The incident record's activity log allows you to upload photos or files, make comments, and ask additional questions to those involved. You can also tag other users so they are notified.

Relate Actions to Incident Records

Easily monitor all actions taken following an incident to ensure prompt completion of corrective measures.

Track Every Change

Changes made to incident records are documented with timestamped notes, ensuring transparency and helping with compliance by maintaining a record of all alterations.

Manage Follow-up Actions

Easily create, track and complete follow-up actions after an incident has been reported. In a couple of clicks, users can assign tasks to other employees. Employees can see what they need to do and when tasks are due using our web platform or mobile app.

Our platform allows your staff to add comments and upload photos or files within the action record for additional context. This helps ensure that follow-up actions are completed accurately and efficiently.
incident reporting software

Powerful and Customisable Reporting

Incident management involves more than just reporting and investigating incidents. A key aspect is improving the safety of the workplace by reducing the risks that can lead to future incidents.

Our software provides you with the ability to analyse and share incident reports and usage dashboards, allowing you to easily spot trends and identify areas for improvement.

Use Cases

Incident Management

Handle and resolve incidents in an organised and efficient manner. Manage incidents from start to finish and streamline your incident reporting processes.

Claims Management

This software gives you better insight into claims related to incidents. Improve your visibility while reducing the time and cost involved in handling claims.

Case Management

Simplify the task of overseeing occupational and non-occupational injuries for employees by tracking work restrictions and other related information.

Hazards & Near Miss Reporting

Make it easier for your employees to report hazards, accidents, near misses and other events.


Enable your employees to effortlessly submit safety-related observations during their daily work activities.

Root Cause Analysis

Reduce risk and increase process efficiency by examining incidents, identifying root causes, and addressing the underlying issue to prevent future occurrences.

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