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TWIG One Ex — ATEX Device

Give your high-risk workers assurance with TWIG One Ex, an ATEX approved lone worker alarm.

Reliable Help with Unmatched Durability

In explosive hazardous working environments, employers need ATEX approved safety devices to fulfill their legal obligation of providing their workers with a device that can withstand extreme temperatures, and hazardous materials.

ATEX approved for gas and dust, TWIG One Ex device gives workers the confidence that someone will always have their backs in an emergency—thanks to the device’s fall detection, alarm monitoring, and two-way audio.

Our Customers

twig one ex

Built to Withstand Hazardous Areas

TWIG One Ex is an ATEX device approved for gas and dust. The device withstands extreme temperatures from -20 to 60°C and is waterproof to withstand wet conditions and humidity up to 100 per cent.

Equipped with 12-day battery life, the device can last long shifts and expeditions. Durable and built to last, it requires little to no maintenance, making them great for remote locations where it can be difficult to get equipment repairs.

Ergonomic, Lightweight & Easy to Use

TWIG One Ex is designed to withstand rugged use, yet it is small, slim, light, and discreet. This means it will never become an obstruction to carry in the line of duty — an important factor for workers who need to stay focused.

TWIG One Ex is also easy to use and adopt thanks to clear LCD display, pre-programmable function keys, and one-push SOS or amber alert key. The man down alarm ensures that any fall detected will send an alert to the alarm monitoring team.
twig one ex
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Essential in Hazardous Environments

The TWIG One Ex device look out for workers in extremely high-risk environments. Workers who need this type of device are those who work in industrial, heavy duty, noisy environments where normal modes of communication are difficult.

Industries that employ lone workers to work with hazardous materials, such as the petrochemical and aviation industry, can also benefit from the peace of mind that TWIG One Ex provides their lone workers.

Our Customers Say

  • "Everything about Protector is exactly what we need as reassurance. Employees just need to press the button and it's amazing how quick the response is. The feedback is always excellent. You know, what they're actually wearing now will save their lives. They may be on their own, but they're not on their own, they are protected."
    university of cambridge
    Building & Services Manager, Homerton College
  • "Peace of mind to staff has been the main result of using Protector. There's a lot more awareness and profiling on culture improvement now we've introduced Vatix to keep people safe. Model behaviours improved. And legal compliance is where it needs to be."
    New England Seafood
    Health, Safety and Environment Manager, New England Seafood
  • "A lot of the response I've had back from people I've spoken to, is that it is simple to use and simple to understand."
    Robinson Contract Services
    Kay Baker, Robinson Contract Services
  • "Vatix is just a phone call away - which makes it a lot easier."
    Ian Pope, Severfield
  • "For me Vatix was really the whole package."
    Raj Kaur, WATMOS Housing
  • "The feedback has been great internally. The drivers especially like them because of the simplicity."
    Leon Taylor, Greencore
  • "It's exactly what we need when we do an investigation report."
    Monica Monti, Swissport

All Features

IP67 Waterproof Icon
IP67 Waterproof
IP67 means the device can be submerged in a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour and can withstand humidity up to 100 per cent. With this durability, the device can withstand virtually all working conditions, including harsh weather.
Two-Way Audio Icon
Two-Way Audio
The device has a microphone and loudspeaker that will connect the user with the responder via a two-way 4G/3G/GSM voice call whenever the alarm is activated, either by pressing the SOS button or through the detection of a fall.
Fall Down Detection Icon
Man Down Alarm
The fall detection feature of the device is crucial to catch slips, trips and falls. If the person using the device falls or passes out, the sensors in the device will automatically activate an emergency call.
All Day Battery Icon
Up to 12 days battery life
When set to automatically send a report every minute, the battery can last 33 hours, While on cellular network standby, the battery can last up to 12 days. Rest assured that your device can last long shifts and expeditions.
Accredited icon
ATEX/IECEx compliance
TWIG One Ex complies with ATEX standards 60079-
0:2012/60079-11:2012 and IECEx standards 60079-0:2011/
60079-11:2011, which makes it approved for gas and dust. It can withstand temperatures from -20 to 60℃.
Roaming SIM Icon
Scalable for your needs
Remotely configure TWIG One Ex to specific lone worker situations by selecting only the options and functionalities needed, whenever and wherever. It is also USB programmable, either manually or from file.
Send Voice Message Icon
4 shortcut dial keys
The device has four, easy to push and pre-programmable function keys which enables fast control of Amber alert and ManDown functions. Configurable menu key and function keys enlarge device deployment options.
Two-Way Audio Icon
Power for noisy environments
Integrated high-power speaker-phone boosts two-way voice communications, making it possible to have hands-free voice calls even in noisy areas. Powerful vibration alerts you of pre-alarms and incoming communications.
QR Sharing Icon
Robust & ergonomic
Measuring 102.1 mm x 48.9 mm x 24.6 mm, it is large enough to comfortably push the buttons, yet discreet enough to not create obstructions. Weighing 114g, it is easily secured with a belt clip. The robust nano SIM card tray and material makes it durable in harsh conditions.
Accessories Icon
The device comes with a belt clip and carrying case that leave the hands free to perform duties comfortably and efficiently. You will also get charging and programming stations and a car charger for convenience and flexibility of use.
Discrete Activation Icon
Effective communication in emergency
Its clear LCD display supports interactive on-screen messages. Quickly send updates with preprogrammed one-touch status messages or connect to your team with one-touch voice calls.
Asset Tracking icon
One-Press SOS Button
When you need help, simply press the SOS button to activate the alarm. The SOS key colour can also be changed to be visible under different lighting.


Can I request TWIG Ex One as part of the Protector subscription?
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No, the TWIG Ex One device hardware is not part of our monthly subscription. It can be purchased as an add-on which you can then use with Protector and other integrated lone worker devices or the app.
Is TWIG One Ex compatible with Protector?
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Yes, the TWIG One Ex can be used with the Protector platform. You can integrate TWIG One Ex with your current Protector subscription or sign up for a new subscription.
What connectivity does TWIG Ex One provide?
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TWIG Ex One is equipped with reliable 4G/3G/GSM two-way audio communication.
Does the device have a ‘man-down’ alarm activation?
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Yes, the lone worker device is equipped with a fall detection feature. When a fall is detected, the device will automatically trigger the alarm.

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