The State of UK Workplace Safety in 2021

state of uk workplace safety in 2021
The State of UK Workplace Safety in 2021 market report will educate you on current workplace safety practices in the UK.

You’ll get valuable and reliable insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of these safety practices, as well as rising trends of first-class workplace safety culture.

With this report, you will be able to evaluate your organisation’s workplace safety so you can confidently choose the health and safety tools, training, and strategies most appropriate for your organisation to invest in 2021 and beyond.

Stop guessing how to improve workplace safety.

How does your workplace safety measure up to your industry peers?

Do you know if your safety procedures are as optimised as it can be, or are you running on assumptions? Do you have clear guidelines on how to improve workplace safety, or are you relying on trial and error?

It’s time to stop the guesswork. Get the latest market report with the insights and trends you need to conduct a proper gap analysis on the state of your workplace safety.

What does workplace safety look like for organisations in the UK? To find out, we built a report investigating...

state of uk workplace safety

Strategy & Culture

The baseline state of health and safety culture in organisations across 14 different industries in the UK.

People & Skills

How culture, training, processes, and solutions increase the way employees feel safe in the workplace.

Process & Methodology

What leading organisations do to increase employee engagement with safety and build a first-class workplace safety culture.


Comparison of the most popular versus the most effective solutions, from lone working safety to incident reporting solutions.

Digital health & safety systems are more effective, but adoption rates are low.

Organisations that use incident reporting software were more satisfied with their system than organisations using any other type of incident reporting system. Incident reporting software also makes it easier for managers to spot trends for proactive corrective action.

Despite the effectiveness of health and safety systems, a majority of organisations are still not investing in them. Download the full report to learn why and get more in-depth insights.

Are Organisations Investing in Health & Safety Systems?

state of uk workplace safety

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2021 workplace safety insights from 14 different industries across the UK

To put together this market report, we surveyed professionals across 14 industries during Q2 of 2021. Every survey respondent has an active role in the health and safety of their organisations.

82.9% of those surveyed have a position with a primary role in safety as a Health & Safety Representative, Coordinator, Specialist, Director or Manager, and as a Safety or Risk Specialist. The remaining respondents had positions where safety played a secondary role under their responsibilities, such as HR professional, Operations Manager, and Security Officer.

This 2021 report reflects the state of workplace safety in the UK based on direct insights from those who deal first-hand with health and safety systems, procedures, and challenges.

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