Safety Devices

All of our personal safety devices are designed to make two-way voice calls between the lone worker and their supervisor or alarm monitoring service, as well as send location data to the Protector™ platform in real-time.

How it works

All of our personal safety monitoring devices follow the same alarm activation process, which can be pressed when an incident has occurred.
The user just has to press and hold the SOS button should they require assistance, which then initiates a two-way phone call with the responder.
The SOS alert, real-time location, user profile and company-specific escalation procedures will display on Protector™.
For self-monitored customers, the call is forwarded to the emergency contacts, while Monitored by Vatix customers will be connected to one of our highly trained operators.


Answering your most common questions regarding our personal safety devices.

Which device is best for me?

Because not all needs are the same, and we cater for a huge range of different industries, we offer a range of personal safety monitoring devices to suit different requirements.

For example, the Sentinal Nano and Sentinal Mini devices are popular with workers who face social risk factors such as assault in the workplace, while the more ‘rugged’ Sentinel Bold comes recommended for users who work in industrial or outdoor environments and are thus more exposed to environmental hazards. Meanwhile, the ATEX device has been designed specifically for those who operate in potentially explosive atmospheres. Get in touch to find out more about what device would be best for you.

Can I use different devices within the same account?

Absolutely. With one Protector™ account you can use any combination of devices to protect your lone workers from harm.

Will the devices work in areas with poor network coverage?

All of our personal safety devices use mobile networks to make calls and send location information so, to make sure you’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date data, the Sentinel Mini, Bold and ATEX all come with a multi-network SIM card as standard. This means that your device can switch between the major mobile networks should it become necessary.

Will I own the device outright?

While the majority of our customers lease the safety devices from Vatix as part of an overall subscription plan, thus reducing the need for any costly upfront payments, we believe in being as flexible as possible. For this reason, and because we recognise that different organisations will have different preferences, we can also allow customers to purchase their devices outright. Please get in touch and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.