Sentinel Atex

Fully accredited to both EN60079-0 and EN60079-11, our Atex devices mean your vulnerable workers can raise Red Alerts at any time wherever they find themselves. The Atex has one of the most sophisticated Man Down systems around, raising alerts automatically should the user fall on duty, and you can rest assured that the lone worker alarm is safe to use even in the most hazardous environments.

Tracking Interval

Wave goodbye to gaps in your tracking data - all of our lone worker safety devices boast unbeatable tracking intervals for consistent coverage.
battery big

Battery Life

You won’t find the Sentinel Atex running down its battery just when it’s needed most, with up to 20+ hours of use on a full charge.
battery low

Battery Low Warning

Before battery life becomes critically low on our devices, the user is alerted that it’s time to charge, so there’ll be no surprise blackouts.


Want to use the device in damp conditions or outside subject to the unpredictable British weather? IP65 standard protection means that’s no problem.

Two-Way Audio

When an incident does occur, the user will be connected to an operator via two-way audio while the event is resolved.

Dedicated SOS Button

The dedicated SOS Button located on the front of the device reduces the risk of hitting the wrong button in a state of duress.
man down


The Man Down sensor built into Vatix devices adds additional safety for the user, detecting when there has been a fall.

Technical Specifications

GPS (accurate up to 2.5 m)
108 x 53 x 18 mm
106 g
Battery Power
2000 mAh / 3.7 V
Working Time
24 Hours
3-Axis Accelerometer
Microphone & Speaker
Working Temperature
-20 °C to 55 °C

Full Support From Start to Finish

You won’t be flying blind with your devices, as Vatix offers 24-hour support to our users via our dedicated customer support team, and you’ll also be given a step-by-step user guide to get you started. We pride ourselves on making the onboarding process as quick and easy as possible, providing all of the necessary training to your team.

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