Sentinel Mini

The Sentinel Mini is a popular choice for our customers because of its reliability and impressive functionality. Using the nationwide 2G network, the personal safety device offers short-interval GPS tracking for up to 24-hours of continuous coverage, allowing the user to raise an alert safely and discreetly whenever an incident occurs. The alarm also features a Man Down sensor, which will automatically detect when a fall has occurred and alert the relevant contacts.

Tracking Interval

There’s no danger of you losing track of your vulnerable workers, as the Sentinel Mini has one of the shortest tracking intervals available.
battery big

Battery Life

Your users won’t suddenly find themselves caught without power, as the alarm’s low consumption means the device’s battery can operate for 20+ hours.
battery low

Battery Low Warning

Before a critically low battery life even becomes an issue, the user will be alerted to the fact that their device is in danger of running down.


Even the unpredictable British weather can’t defeat our alarms, with IP65 standard protection shielding it from the rain.

Two-Way Audio

Should a Red Alert be activated, users will be able to communicate with a highly-trained operator through full two-way audio.

Dedicated SOS Button

There’s no danger of pressing the wrong button when under duress, with the front of the device consisting of dedicated call and SOS buttons.
man down


Using an intricate system, the device is able to detect when the user has fallen, and raise a Red Alert accordingly.

Technical Specifications

A smaller and easy-to-wear lone worker safety device ideal for users who may need to raise the alarm covertly.
GPS (accurate up to 2.5 m)
108 x 53 x 18 mm
106 g
Battery Power
2000 mAh / 3.7 V
Working Time
24 Hours
3-Axis Accelerometer
Microphone & Speaker
Working Temperature
-20 °C to 55 °C

Full Support from Start to Finish

Every device and service we offer comes with a complete step-by-step user guide, ensuring that you and your team can be brought on board quickly. You’ll also have access to our dedicated customer support team, available 24-hours to answer any queries.

Vatix provides all the necessary training. Please get in touch with us to find out more.
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