SOS Devices

All of our safety devices can make two-way voice calls and send location data to Protector™ using the mobile network.

How it works

All of our devices follow the same alarm activation process.
Your employees press and hold the SOS button if they need assistance, this initiates a two way phone call with the responder.
The SOS alert, real-time location, user profile and company specific escalation procedures will display on Protector™.
For self-monitored customers the call is forwarded to the emergency contacts. Monitored by Vatix customers will be connected to our highly trained operators.


Answers to generally asked questions about devices

Which device is best for me?

We offer a range of devices to suit the requirements of different end users. The Sentinel Nano and Mini devices are popular with workers who face mostly social risk factors. The Sentinel Bold is recommended for users who work in industrial or outdoor environments and want a very rugged, albeit slightly larger device. The ATEX device is for workers who operate in potentially explosive atmospheres. Get in touch to find out more about what device is best for you.

Can I use different devices within the same account?

Yes, you can use any combination of devices from the same Protector™ account.

Will the devices work in areas with poor network coverage?

All of our devices use mobile networks to make calls and send location information. To maximise the reliability of the devices the Sentinel Mini, Bold and ATEX all come with a multi-network (roaming) sim card as standard - so the device can switch between the major networks when necessary 

Can I buy a device outright?

The majority of our customers lease the devices as part of an overall subscription plan - thus reducing the need for costly capital expenditure upfront. We want to be as flexible as possible because we recognise that different organisations have different preferences on this so please get in touch if you would like to purchase the devices outright - we'll try our best to accommodate your needs.