In This Template You Can Find:

No two jobs are the same, and so no two businesses can share the same lone worker health and safety policy.

Fortunately, you can create a custom risk assessment for your team. In this free lone worker risk assessment template, you'll find ways to:

  • Set a health and safety vision for your lone workers and their managers
  • Create rules, safety checklists and guidelines to mitigate common risks
  • Identify the equipment necessary to keep your team safe
  • Create internal documentation for training 
  • Set an internal standard for health and safety that’s available to all future and current employees
  • Show lone workers that their safety and health is your top priority

Download this FREE lone worker risk assessment template. You can use this simple framework to produce a lone worker risk assessment checklist that’s unique to the challenges of your business or industry. 

About Vatix

Vatix keeps your lone workers safe using real-time location monitoring, emergency alert systems, and industry-leading resources that reduce remote working risks. Keep your team safe and productive with Vatix end-to-end lone worker protection.

Many lone worker solutions on the market today are outdated, complex, slow, or can even lead to more problems than they solve. Mark Newton launched Vatix in 2018 to bring new innovation to the growing remote workforce. As more people join the lone worker movement, Vatix exists to give your remote employees and their managers better tools for navigating and avoiding incidents.

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