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Vatix EHS management software
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Improve Safety & Efficiency

Choose from targeted modules like employee safety, audits and inspections, or incident management to enhance compliance, streamline workflows, and simplify reporting. With Vatix, you can customise your solutions and grow them as your business evolves, ensuring efficiency and legal compliance at every step.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Incident Reporting

Elevate your safety management with unmatched configurability, adapting seamlessly to health and safety oversight or specific industry requirements.
Facilitate easy reporting through web, QR code, or mobile app. 
Customise forms, fields, and procedures to align perfectly with your organisation’s needs.
Track corrective actions and automate KPI reporting.
Incident management software

Audits & Inspections

Enhance your audits and inspections with our software, streamlining workflows, boosting accuracy, and ensuring compliance.
Effortlessly build audit forms using our drag-and-drop builder.
Conduct audits via the mobile app, adding photos and comments.
Track and manage corrective actions to ensure timely resolution and continuous improvement.
Audits and inspections software

Employee Safety

Protect every member of your team, regardless of their location. Empower employee safety with our integrated solutions, featuring an advanced app, robust devices, and 24/7 monitoring.
Call for help in an emergency
Choice of mobile app or safety device
24/7 alarm monitoring
Employee safety solutions

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Discover how our service empowers businesses like yours to enhance safety protocols and provide peace of mind. Join industry leaders already benefiting from our solution.

Case Studies

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The Percy Hedley Foundation

The Percy Hedley Foundation is a charity dedicated to improving the everyday lives of people with disabilities. The foundation provides special education, residential care, and day services for individuals with complex learning difficulties, disabilities, and communication needs through its schools, colleges, and homes. The Challenge The Percy Hedley Foundation aimed to enhance their reporting system,…
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Wessex Internet

Wessex Internet provides ultrafast full-fibre broadband to rural communities in the Wessex region, including Dorset, Wiltshire, and parts of Hampshire and Somerset.  Founded in 2010, they focus on connecting remote areas with reliable and affordable internet services. Their mission is to enhance connectivity in underserved regions with a commitment to innovation and community engagement. The…
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Autism Initiatives

Autism Initiatives specialises in tailored services for autistic adults in England, providing educational, residential, supported living, and outreach programs. Operating across the UK and Ireland, their extensive support network includes schools, work placements, and various personal development opportunities, enabling individuals to reach their goals with dedicated resources and expertise. The Challenge Autism Initiatives faced significant…
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The Complete Guide to Laboratory Incident Reporting

A complete step-by-step guide for identifying, documenting, and classifying lab incidents to ensure accurate reporting. Detailed guidelines for immediate action and assessing the severity of incidents to facilitate appropriate responses and containment.
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Managing Lone Worker Safety in Your Organisation

A complete guide to identifying, understanding, and mitigating lone working risks so you can create a first-class workplace safety culture. Templates and step-by-step guide for four different safety processes: lone working survey, lone working risk assessment, near miss and incident reporting, and risk management strategy.Resources and next steps to take action and implement each step of…
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Lone Working Survey

Designed to give you insights on what you need to keep your employees, contract workers, and volunteers who work alone as safe as possible while on duty. Helps you to identify blind spots or non-compliance issues that need to be addressed immediately. Customisable and editable to suit your individual business’ needs. Download the free survey…
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“It’s a really intuitive and user-friendly system that we rely on heavily. The admin has definitely reduced and we’ve removed a lot of the potential human error. The data coming out of the dashboard can be quite powerful too.”
Claire Snowdon
Health & Safety Manager, The Percy Hedley Foundation

Elevate Safety & Operations with Vatix

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