Protector™ by Vatix

Health and safety managers know that managing safety systems with conventional tools can be a headache. That's why we made Protector™ by Vatix, a beautifully simple system for managing all of your users, devices and incidents.

Manage incidents with ease

Whether it is a safety device alarm activation or any other type of safety incident you can log it in Protector.
  • Each incident has a full timeline of everything that happened
  • Device alarm activations are automatically recorded as incidents
  • Create custom incidents types to record non-emergency incidents
  • Maintain an audit of incidents across your organisation

Seamlessly manage Users and Devices

It has never been easier to manage your team and assign safety devices to those who need them.
  • From the first sign-in to setup in less than 2 minutes
  • Add comprehensive user-specific details - such as medical info
  • Manage your device inventory and assign devices to users as required

See locations in 

Managing your mobile workers just got easier thanks to the Activity Map feature. 
  • A unified map shows your users moving on the map in real-time
  • Proactively coordinate your mobile workforce
  • For self-monitoring - see where the alarm has been activated

Advanced privacy and permission controls

Choose exactly what each user can and can't see on Protector.
  • Maintain compliance with GDPR regulations using Protector™
  • Let standard users login to update their own personal information
  • Use Teams to enable more junior managers to administer certain users and devices
  • Limit what your users can see (i.e. other users, devices & teams)

Let data lead the way with insight reporting

Get access to usage and incident reports through a real-time dashboard so you can see exactly how the service is being used.
  • Customise report filters with our powerful analytics engine
  • See who your most engaged users are
  • See how many incidents occurred over a given period of time
  • Learn from incident reasons to proactively empower your workforce safety culture

Supported Safety Devices

Protector™ works with all of our devices. Have your own device? We have integrated other devices for customers in the past. Contact us to speak to a product expert and find out more.
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