Protector™ by Vatix

Every health and safety executive knows that lone worker protection and incident reporting using conventional workforce management software can be a headache. It’s for this reason that we created Protector™ by Vatix, a beautifully simple and user-friendly management system that allows you to manage all of your users, personal safety devices and logged incidents in one place.
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Report Incidents With Ease

Whether it’s an accident at work, an incident report triggered by a lone worker alarm activation, or even a near-miss health and safety issue, you can quickly log it with Protector™. Using the web or mobile app, you’ll eliminate any potential blind spots that could derail your lone worker protection down the line.
  • Each incident log contains a full timeline of events that allow you to see everything that has occurred.
  • Activations from a personal safety device or Vatix lone working app are automatically recorded in the system.
  • You can create custom incident types to keep track of non-emergency events and more.
  • A record of incidents is maintained across your organisation, easily accessible for future lone worker risk assessments.
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lone worker protection manage users and devices

Manage Users and Devices

Protector™ makes lone worker monitoring easier than ever with lone worker alarms assigned as needed and both the manager and the end-user able to add information to their personal profile - helping to identify them should something happen.
  • Get from sign-up to set-up in less time than it takes to brew a cup of tea.
  • Securely add comprehensive user-specific details such as medical info, identifying features and other characteristics.
  • Manage and assign your lone worker device inventory completely remotely.

Seamless Lone Worker Monitoring

Worker protection can be done in real-time with the Activity Map feature of Protector™, allowing you to more easily coordinate employee movement and help them stay safe.
  • View a unified map of users with real-time location data.
  • Be more proactive about your lone worker protection with cloud-based workforce management software.
  • If you’ve chosen the Self-Monitoring option, check when and where a lone worker alarm has been activated.
lone worker protection real-time location

Advanced Privacy Controls

You may be concerned about privacy surrounding your workers’ data, but Protector™ gives you control over exactly what each user can and can’t view on the platform.
  • Maintain compliance with GDPR regulations at every stage.
  • Allow users to log in and update their own personal information.
  • Use the Teams feature to allow more managers to administer personal safety devices.
  • Decide what information users can see about their co-workers.

Data-Led Health and Safety Compliance

Insight reporting gives you access to a real-time dashboard view of usage and incident reports, allowing you to see and analyse how the service is being used.
  • Customise filters for reporting using our powerful analytics engine.
  • See at a glance who your most/least engaged users are.
  • Learn from previous incidents to boost lone worker protection moving forward.
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Supported Lone Worker Alarms

Protector™ works with all of our lone worker devices as well as with our new lone working app. To find out more, simply contact one of our experts and they’d be happy to talk through all of your options.
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