Lone Worker Monitoring

24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre

All our alarm calls are responded to from our two 24/7 industry-leading Alarm Monitoring Centres.
Solely dedicated to lone worker alarms for better responses
Bypasses 999 call and saves vital time in an emergency
Accredited to the highest industry standards
Alarm receiving centre
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Your Dedicated Alarm Response Partner

Lone workers can easily active an alarm in 4 simple steps.

1. Activation

Any of your employees can raise the alarm using our safety devices or the lone worker safety app.

2. Response

The alarm activation immediately starts a call between your worker and an operator in one of our two Alarm Response Centres.

3. Escalation Procedure

The operator assesses if help is needed. If so, the alarm is escalated by either contacting your pre-defined escalation contacts or the emergency services.

4. Auditable Report

Every alarm activation generates a full auditable report so your compliance audit trail is maintained automatically.
Lone worker alarm activation
Alarm activation response
Escalation procedure
Auditable report

Alarm Monitoring You Can Trust

Our Alarm Response Operators are highly trained and experienced at responding to critical and life-threatening emergencies.

Highest Accreditation Standards

Our two state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centres meet the highest quality standards - as demonstrated by certification to BS 7858, BS8484: 2021, BS EN 50518:2019 Category 1, ISO 27001, BS 9518:2021 and all operational requirements detailed in the NPCC Alarms Policy.

Get Immediate Help

All our monitored users can enjoy the peace of mind that in the case of an emergency, they will get immediate help from highly trained operators. Our Alarm Receiving Centres work 24/7, 365 days per year.
Get immediate help in an emergency

Dedicated to Personal Safety Alarms

We only monitor employee personal safety devices so you can rest assured that our staff won’t distracted by other services such as CCTV or intruder alarms that you may find in outsourced alarm monitoring centres.
Alarm receiving centre
"Responsive Alert Calling Centre and a system to entrust the safety of our workers with when lone working. The software itself is easy to use and understand."
Clare Maryan
Assistant Director, Mount Green Housing Association

Ensure Immediate Emergency Response

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