About Us

Our mission is plain and simple - to empower teams to put people at the heart of their lone worker protection plan.
why we are here

Why We're Here

The future of work doesn’t work without the right tools.

The way organisations manage, organise and protect people at work is fundamentally changing to become more collaborative, efficiency-driven and predictive. Instead of companies simply being reactive, the end-user should be at the heart of any health and safety policy and empowered by a safety-first mindset at work. 

To achieve this, it’s vital that the right tools are provided to escalate emergencies, report incidents and predict potential risks.

Most existing solutions are outdated, too complex, slow, or can lead to additional problems, and there has been little development over the last decade. When it comes to lone worker protection and those responsible for them, we believe that they deserve new, innovative technology that protects the most important aspect of any organisation - the people.

What We Do

We’re building easier to use, safer, and more powerful tools to advance workplace health and safety

Simpler: Onboard users in minutes using our intuitive web application, assign lone worker protection devices, set your company-specific incident escalation procedures and you’re ready to go. 

Safer: Vatix is a British Standards certified supplier, so you can be sure that your people are in safe hands. We have highly experienced alarm monitoring operators on hand and provide customers with the most reliable and robust personal safety alarms on the market.

Integrated: Protector™ is really three applications in one, which means that managers, end-users and our operators all have a different view of the same data. Detailed and timestamped incident reports are available to workers and their managers instantly, keeping everyone on the same page.

where we are going

Where We're Going

The road ahead - or why we’re just getting started

Beyond emergencies: Not every incident requires an immediate emergency response, but they should always be recorded. That’s why Protector™ has become an essential part of many organisations that want to understand more about their workplace risk factors

Integrations: We want to expand upon how we currently serve our customers’ other core systems. An API and ready-made extensions will help increase the value of Protector™ and prevent silos of knowledge from forming.

Intelligence: Artificial intelligence provides many opportunities to augment and automate incident monitoring, response and predictions, pointing customers towards areas they should be focusing on. Examples include enhanced search, natural language processing of voice notes, and automatically finding relevant contextual information when reporting on incidents.

One-stop-shop: Protector™ is our first product, but we see tremendous value in augmenting the experience our customers have using the platform by offering adjacent solutions to other workforce management and workplace safety challenges.

How We Got Here

Sharing a passion for design and technology

Our team has a combined 25-years of experience in the lone and vulnerable worker safety industry, and have witnessed how difficult it has historically been for organisations to manage growing health and safety legislation in the UK and beyond.

Our CEO Mark Newton, became interested in positioning and telematics technologies while undertaking a postgraduate research project in positioning systems for handheld and wearable devices. From here, the idea grew into what would become Vatix, serving exciting and varied clients from across the world ranging from large blue-chip consumer product companies to universities, government and SMEs. 

Prior to founding Vatix, Mark worked in the software and cybersecurity team at Strategy&, part of the PwC network; and holds degrees from Bristol University, Imperial College London and Exeter University.



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30 Great Guildford Street, London, SE1 0HS