About Us

We make digital tools that people use every day to supercharge their productivity and stay safe at work

Why We’re Here

The future of work doesn’t work without the right tools.
The way we work is fundamentally changing to become more efficiency-driven, predictive and distributed. Most importantly, it’s becoming more dependent on digital products to get work done and keep people safe.
We see and hear from managers that the legacy, single-purpose solutions are no longer fit for purpose. Many of the tools used to keep people safe and manage daily activities are outdated, complex, slow or lead to even more problems.
There’s an ever-growing list of systems that manage only one of the many ‘jobs to be done’. There may be a system for lone worker safety devices/apps, another for H&S incident/accident reporting and another for managing day-to-day inspections and tasks.
We partner with companies who share our vision for an integrated, digital approach to safety, compliance and productivity. We are passionate about building user-centric products.

What We Do

We make intuitive, reliable and integrated tools that teams depend on every day.
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We spend a lot of time on design and usability because we believe tools need to be simple to use and beautiful.
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We hold several accreditations which formally recognise our commitment to the highest quality standards.
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Our products work seamlessly together. Data isn’t lost in a silo, and reporting across the entire team is integrated from the outset.

How We Got Here

Sharing a passion for design and technology
Our team has a combined 25-years of experience in the lone and vulnerable worker safety industry and have witnessed how difficult it has historically been for organisations to manage growing health and safety legislation in the UK and beyond.
Our CEO Mark Newton, became interested in positioning and telematics technologies while undertaking a postgraduate research project in positioning systems for handheld and wearable devices. From here, the idea grew into what would become Vatix, serving exciting and varied clients from across the world ranging from large blue-chip consumer product companies to universities, government and SMEs.
Before founding Vatix, Mark worked in the software and cybersecurity team at Strategy&, part of the PwC network; and holds degrees from Bristol University, Imperial College London and Exeter University.

Our Office

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30 Great Guildford Street, London, SE1 0HS, United Kingdom
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