Health and Safety Incident Reporting Software

Enhance Health & Safety Reporting

Empower your organisation with a comprehensive solution for health and safety incident management, streamlining the documentation, analysis, and action on all H&S incidents.
Simplify incident reporting via web, QR codes, or our mobile app, ensuring no event goes unrecorded.
Adapt forms and workflows for precise health and safety incident documentation.
Automate corrective action tracking and KPI reporting to foster a safer workplace.
Health and safety reporting softwareHealth and safety reporting mobile app
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Elevate Your Safety Management Process

Deploy a cutting-edge digital system that elevates health and safety incident reporting, equipped with automated notifications and comprehensive action tracking.

Simplify Incident Reporting Across Your Organisation

Foster a culture of safety by making health and safety incident reporting intuitive and thorough, capturing every detail from near misses to accidents.
Design incident reporting forms to gather all pertinent details.
Ensure accessibility of reporting on all devices for complete coverage.
Include detailed descriptions and photographic evidence for a full incident overview.
Incident report

Streamline Investigations & Corrective Actions

Action on health and safety data quickly with real-time alerts and comprehensive oversight, including detailed RIDDOR reporting compliance.
Receive instant notifications for new reports to ensure immediate action.
Directly assign corrective actions to employees through the platform, with a focus on thorough RIDDOR compliance tracking.
Use custom fields to deepen analysis and understanding of each incident.
Corrective action assignment

Strategic Safety Insights Through Analytics

Transform health and safety data into actionable intelligence, tracking lost time injuries and driving continuous safety improvements.
Analyse data to spot trends, including lost time due to injuries, enhancing preventive measures.
Leverage automated reporting to streamline safety management and save significant time.
Utilise over 40 chart types or create custom reports for detailed safety monitoring and enhancements.
Health and safety data analytics dashboard
“It has been incredibly positive. Being able to promptly report, follow up and create accurate reports in one place has been incredibly useful. Everybody sees what they need to and isn’t sent manually.”
Saran Cartwright
Head of H&S, Autism Initiatives

Frequently asked questions

What is health and safety incident reporting?

Health and safety incident reporting is a fundamental aspect of workplace safety management, requiring organisations to document, review, and address incidents that threaten health and safety. Covering everything from accidents, injuries, health hazards to near misses, it plays a vital role in risk identification, preventive measure implementation, and maintenance of a secure work environment. In the UK, it’s essential for meeting the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)’s requirements for employers to record specific safety incidents, and, where necessary, report them in compliance with RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations). Vatix’s advanced software not only facilitates the real-time capture and analysis of health and safety incidents but also ensures that RIDDOR reportable incidents are correctly identified and reported, enabling organisations to respond swiftly to mitigate risks and adhere to stringent safety standards.

What other events can I report through the Vatix Incident Reporting System?

Beyond health and safety incidents, the Vatix Incident Reporting System offers a broad scope for various reporting needs. Its adaptability enables the submission of improvement suggestions, maintenance issues, property damage, and much more. The system is customised to address the unique demands of different industries — including safeguarding in educational and healthcare settings, as well as environmental concerns in manufacturing sectors. With its highly configurable nature, Vatix stands as the ideal, unified platform for encompassing all your incident reporting needs, seamlessly facilitating both safety enhancements and compliance with regulatory standards.

What are the benefits of using the Vatix Incident Reporting Management System for health and safety reporting?

Leveraging the Vatix Incident Reporting Management System for health and safety reporting brings multiple advantages. It facilitates the early detection of hazards, empowering organisations to act swiftly and prevent incidents from escalating. This proactive stance not only bolsters workplace safety but also supports compliance with health and safety laws and sector-specific regulations. The system streamlines reporting across various platforms and enhances incident management with prompt escalation, thorough investigations, and easy delegation of corrective actions. Significantly reducing the time from incident reporting to resolution, Vatix plays a key role in minimising recurrence, thereby strengthening your safety culture.

How does the Vatix system ensure the privacy and security of health and safety data?

Vatix prioritises the privacy and security of health and safety data, aligning with the most stringent privacy laws and adhering to the highest information security standards, as evidenced by our ISO-27001 Accreditation. Visit our commitment to customer trust page for more detailed information on our security practices and dedication to data protection. The system features comprehensive permission and privacy settings, enabling tailored access control at both user and team levels. This ensures that sensitive information is only accessible to authorised individuals, helping your organisation maintain best practices in information security management and protect the integrity and confidentiality of health and safety data.

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