Near Miss Reporting Software

Streamline Near Miss Reporting

Equip your organisation with a specialised solution to track, analyse, and act on near miss events, preempting risks and enhancing safety.
Easy reporting through web, QR codes, or mobile app
Tailor forms for specific near miss details.
Automate action tracking and KPI reporting
Near miss reporting softwareNear miss reporting mobile app
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Empower Employees to Report Near Misses

Enable Proactive Near Miss Reporting

Encourage a proactive safety culture by simplifying near miss reporting, essential for identifying and mitigating risks early.
Tailor incident reporting forms to capture essential details of near miss events.
Facilitate reporting from any device, ensuring comprehensive documentation.
Include photographs and detailed descriptions to provide a full account of each near miss.
Near miss report

Immediate Action on Near Miss Events

Leverage real-time data to swiftly address and mitigate potential hazards, ensuring a safer environment for all.
Get instant alerts for new near miss reports, enabling prompt review and action.
Assign corrective actions directly through the platform, backed by detailed incident logs.
Utilise custom fields for an in-depth understanding and analysis of near miss events.
Near miss corrective actions

Enhance Safety Through Data-Driven Decisions

Utilise sophisticated analytics to transform near miss data into preventative measures, reinforcing your commitment to safety.
Analyse consolidated data to identify trends and prevent future incidents.
Benefit from automated reporting to save time and focus on strategic safety improvements.
Choose from over 40 chart types or customise reports to monitor and improve safety protocols effectively.
Near miss analytics dashboard
“It has been incredibly positive. Being able to promptly report, follow up and create accurate reports in one place has been incredibly useful. Everybody sees what they need to and isn’t sent manually.”
Saran Cartwright
Head of H&S, Autism Initiatives

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