Employee-led Safety Recipe

According to an evidence-based presentation by a representative of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 60-70% of organisations are “management-led with many employees disengaged from the health and safety performance of the organisation.”

On the other hand, employee-led safety cultures have been shown to reduce accident rates and improve employees’ attitudes towards health and safety in their workplace.

How do you switch from a management-led safety culture to an employee-led one? Download our Employee-Led Safety Recipe Card to whip up a first-class workplace safety culture.

About the Guide

  • Simple and easy-to-follow recipe card to make sure you have all the ingredients to create a first-class workplace safety culture.
  • Discover the six simple steps to shift away from a top-down, reactive approach to safety and create a proactive, employee-led safety environment.
  • Easily share the recipe with your team without overwhelming them with complicated information, so you can get everyone in your company on the same page.

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