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Greencore is a leading manufacturer of convenience foods, including a diverse selection of chilled, frozen and ambient foods. 

Since night-time deliveries are part of their service, they needed a more robust way to ensure their drivers’ safety who work alone.
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Swissport is an aviation services company offering award-winning cargo handling at 298 airports in 47 countries. 

They needed to find a solution that could monitor their lone workers’ safety, especially in the vast environment of a busy airport where an emergency may not be immediately noticed.
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WATMOS Community Homes is a charitable housing organisation dedicated to building affordable and safe neighbourhoods. The company owns almost 2,700 homes.

Their wide and varied work means it must have access to reliable, effective lone worker solutions to keep their employees safe while they are working.
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Robinson Contract Services
Robinson Contract Services provides nutrient mapping and soil analysis, haulage and spreading services. This work requires around 45 employees to operate alone.

Robinson’s drivers frequently work late nights and weekends, times when there is frequently no one to man phones at head office. It was essential to safeguard these workers by setting them up with the Protector™ system.
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Our Customers Say

  • "A lot of the response I've had back from people I've spoken to, is that it is simple to use and simple to understand."
    Robinson Contract Services
    Kay Baker, Robinson Contract Services
  • "Vatix is just a phone call away - which makes it a lot easier."
    Ian Pope, Severfield
  • "For me Vatix was really the whole package."
    Raj Kaur, WATMOS Housing
  • "The feedback has been great internally. The drivers especially like them because of the simplicity."
    Leon Taylor, Greencore
  • "It's exactly what we need when we do an investigation report."
    Monica Monti, Swissport

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