Autism Initiatives

Autism Initiatives specialises in tailored services for autistic adults in England, providing educational, residential, supported living, and outreach programs. Operating across the UK and Ireland, their extensive support network includes schools, work placements, and various personal development opportunities, enabling individuals to reach their goals with dedicated resources and expertise.

Non-Profit Organisation
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2,500+ employees
Liverpool, UK
Incident Reporting


The Challenge

Autism Initiatives faced significant challenges with an outdated manual incident reporting process.

It relied on manual email forwarding, dependent on specific individuals remembering to send reports to the appropriate staff. This process was time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies and delays, and increased the risk of incidents being overlooked or lost.

In response, the organisation sought a solution that was online and user-friendly, while offering the flexibility to customise forms to align with their existing terminology and processes.

The ideal solution would allow them to centralise their incident reporting and follow-up processes, allowing all communication within a single platform, so that nothing was missed.

incident reporting

The Solution

In their search for a more streamlined incident reporting process, Autism Initiatives turned to Vatix's solution for its simplicity and comprehensive capabilities.

The platform stood out for its ability to be tailored to the organisation's specific needs, enabling the customisation of forms to reflect their unique terminology.

This bespoke approach greatly simplified the reporting and incident management processes for staff across various levels.

lone worker device in use

Moreover, the introduction of automated follow-ups significantly enhanced the efficiency of communication, reducing the administrative load and ensuring the tracking of corrective actions on all reported incidents.

Vatix's platform offered a unified, user-friendly system that delivered immediate updates and clear visibility for all stakeholders involved.

This shift to an automated, custom-fit solution brought about a substantial improvement over the previous, manually intensive processes.


The implementation of Vatix’s incident reporting system has been transformative for Autism Initiatives, leading to notable improvements in both efficiency and accuracy across their reporting procedures.

A key factor in the smooth transition to Vatix was the platform’s ease of use and the ability to customise the terminology and design of forms, which automatically opened up the right set of questions based on the type of report. This enabled Autism Initiatives to maintain the familiar look and feel of their previous system, ensuring seamless adoption.

The solution saved the organisation considerable time by automating the manual task of email forwarding - a task that previously required dedicated personnel. This automation made critical reports readily available to senior staff, streamlining the reporting, tracking, and follow-up of incidents and speeding up the organisation's response to issues.

Furthermore, having all incident-related information and actions in one location has simplified the management and tracking of reports and ensured that important details are never overlooked.

Saran Cartwright
Head of H&S

“The whole experience has been extremely positive, and I’d highly recommend it. We've worked through challenges together collaboratively, it's been positive for the business and for the charity. Everybody at a higher level that needs to see something sees it, and it doesn't have to be sent manually. So having that ability to promptly report, follow up, have communications all in one place, and create accurate reports, is incredibly useful.”

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