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Brighton & Hove City Council is the local government body responsible for administering the city of Brighton and Hove. Dedicated to creating a fair and inclusive city, protecting the vulnerable, and ensuring public safety, the council focuses on maintaining a clean, connected city, championing a flourishing economy and delivering effective public services.

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Lone Worker Devices


The Challenge

Brighton & Hove City Council faced a challenge in protecting its staff in the Transport Monitoring Team, who worked night shifts at the call centre from 11pm to 7am. They ran an 11-week rota, including a period where officers were on-call to cover holidays and sickness.

Their previous system was limited as it did not offer protection during out-of-hours commutes, which led them to investigate other solutions. 

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The primary goal was to enhance the safety of lone workers both in and out of the office, with a modern system that provided mobility, ease of use, and comprehensive coverage during all hours, including travel times.

They wanted to go above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of their officers and give them an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

lone worker device in use

The Solution

After considering several providers, Brighton & Hove City Council chose Vatix. Vatix equipped the council with a light, wearable safety alarm, providing officers with a flexible solution they could use both in the office and during their commute. This system gave staff the means to signal for help both in and outside the office.

Vatix's user-friendly online portal allowed Brighton & Hove City Council to switch devices between officers in just a few clicks, addressing the council's need for an adaptable safety solution for their complex rota. The initial setup and deployment was efficient and straightforward, with further orders quickly fulfilling the needs of additional departments.


The council’s transition to the Vatix system was seamless, with devices delivered and operational in keeping with their project timeline. The quick setup and user-friendly nature of the alarms, backed by Vatix's attentive customer service, allowed for efficient implementation. This upgrade has given the staff invaluable reassurance and peace of mind.

Brighton & Hove City Council have found a flexible solution that adapts to their rota and addresses all their requirements. Officers feel safe knowing they have a reliable way of calling for help during night shifts and solitary commutes.

Glen Marlow
Transport Monitoring Team Leader

"Everything has been running really smoothly and has worked like clockwork, and there haven’t been any issues. Ordering the devices was straightforward, and the delivery came quickly. The portal is very user-friendly, and setting up the devices was really easy and took next to no time. We were up and running within days of receiving the devices. The communication with Vatix is so quick, easy, and effortless. Vatix offers a valuable service and puts the customer first, ensuring that we are looked after. The Vatix team made the set-up smooth, and it was easy to transition from our old system to the new one."

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