DFDS Seaways

DFDS Seaways has been connecting European countries and Türkiye since 1866. They operate one of the largest networks of ferry routes in and around Europe, transporting freight units and approximately 5 million passengers a year. Additionally, they provide logistics services rooted in the regions served by their routes.

Freight and Passenger Transportation
Company Size
12,300+ employees
Copenhagen, Denmark
Lone Worker Devices


The Challenge

DFDS Seaways, catering for vessel operations and freight from mainland Europe to the UK, wanted to change their lone worker system. Security officers, gatehouse operatives and cleaners frequently worked alone across the extensive port site.

Their existing provider’s bulky device, worn on a lanyard, was unpopular and impractical for operatives. DFDS Seaways sought a small, modern, lightweight system that operatives could use without interrupting their work and would provide reassurance and immediate communication in an emergency.

Their previous provider’s platform was not user-friendly, and DFDS needed to be able to assign devices quickly to operatives on a regular basis. Therefore, they needed a dynamic and intuitive platform suitable for all staff levels, from directors to team leaders. 


incident reporting

The Solution

After evaluating several suppliers, DFDS Seaways selected Vatix as their provider for a lone worker solution based on the simplicity of the Vatix platform and the exceptional professional service.

Compared to their previous unit, Vatix supplied a compact, unobtrusive device that attached to a belt, allowing port operatives to work unhindered.

To ensure the system's efficacy, DFDS Seaways conducted successful alarm simulations at the port terminal. The clear, practical demonstrations from Vatix enabled a smooth adoption process, with managers quickly acknowledging the tangible benefits and operational enhancements the new system would bring. This solution marked a significant improvement in their lone worker safety procedures.

lone worker device in use

The success of the solution extended beyond the devices' physical attributes. Vatix's user-friendly online portal was a game-changer for DFDS Seaways' operational efficiency. The dynamic platform allowed the swift assignment of devices to operatives on a regular basis, accommodating the company's complex rota.

The adaptability of the platform, catering to all staff levels, further solidified its standing as an efficient and intuitive solution for DFDS Seaways' diverse workforce.


The implementation of Vatix's lone-worker system at DFDS Seaways has enhanced the staff’s peace of mind and improved response times in critical situations. Team Leaders now have an effective method for overseeing lone workers, particularly in the port's high-risk areas.

The system's discreet SOS feature has been pivotal, allowing security officers to swiftly notify the security department if necessary, but without escalating the situation. Operational Managers have reported that the system's intuitiveness has led to increased usage and engagement.

For the operatives, the device is easy to work with due to its small, lightweight design that prevents accidental activation. With Vatix’s system in place, operatives have the peace of mind that if something were to go wrong, they can quickly call for assistance.

Keenan Johnson
HSE Advisor

"The system has been great for team leaders to keep an eye on lone workers if they're working in any high-risk areas on the port. It's also great for our security officers if they ever face any sort of violent situation at the terminal. They can press the button silently and make other people within the security department aware of the situation. It was a really smooth transition from our old vendor, and it was good to work with Vatix, they were only ever a phone call or email away, and any teething issues were ironed out quickly. Operational Managers have said that the platform is intuitive, and operatives say that the device is small, light and good to work with. It’s been really good. Vatix is the best lone-working solution I’ve come across."

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