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Lovehoney Group is the global leader in the eCommerce sector for intimate products, providing customers with an exceptional online shopping experience. Lovehoney Group is the forefront of its industry with nine offices worldwide and warehouses in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Company Size
650+ employees
Bath, United Kingdom
Incident Reporting


The Challenge

As a rapidly expanding, international organisation, Lovehoney Group faced the challenge of establishing a uniform health and safety policy that would be consistent across its global operations, ensuring that every employee, regardless of location, adhered to the same high standards of workplace safety. 

Lovehoney Group faced a critical incident reporting challenge, with operations spanning office spaces, shops, factories and warehouses. The company's existing processes, involving a combination of paper forms and Excel spreadsheets, increased the risk of unreported incidents and posed serious liability concerns. 

incident reporting

In its fast-paced warehouse sites, where the bulk of safety incidents took place, the ability to report safety incidents, accidents, near misses and hazards swiftly and accurately was particularly crucial.

Lovehoney Group needed an incident reporting system that was straightforward for staff to use, provided robust data tracking and analysis, and simplified the extraction of health and safety analytics for monthly and annual health and safety reports. 

incident reporting software

The Solution

Vatix provided Lovehoney Group with a tailored incident reporting solution that transformed their approach to health and safety. This system digitised the recording of incidents, accidents, near misses, and hazards, allowing all data to be stored and managed in one place and enabling thorough documentation and investigation of incidents.

Vatix implemented a customised reporting dashboard, allowing Lovehoney Group to easily compile health and safety reports, and capture important metrics, such as Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate. The system gave staff flexible and straightforward reporting options, including QR codes, a web application and a mobile application, which ensured quick and efficient logging of safety issues across all work environments.


Lovehoney Group saw a considerable improvement in their safety management when they introduced Vatix's system. This solution replaced the time-consuming paper processes and manual tracking, enabling quick and easy reporting for staff as well as thorough documentation and investigation of incidents.

The system supports the company's legal compliance efforts and ensures that crucial data is accessible even if key health and safety personnel are absent.

In addition, Vatix's system played a vital role in the establishment of a company-wide health and safety policy across Lovehoney Group's international operations. As a result, Lovehoney Group has developed a more robust and proactive approach to health and safety, reinforcing its dedication to its employees' safety and well-being.

Gary Box
Facilities HSE Manager

"Vatix has been absolutely brilliant. Before, we used to do everything by hand, and the incident reporting process was fragmented —paper forms, Excel spreadsheets—a nightmare, with incident reports potentially getting missed or lost. Now, everything is collated in one place, which is really important. This solution gives multiple people access, even when I'm unavailable. Vatix customised the platform to suit our needs, and they have been responsive and very quick to act on changes. I have no hesitation in recommending Vatix to another company."

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