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Enhancing Employee Safety Across All Work Environments

Protect every member of your team, no matter where they work, with Vatix’s comprehensive employee safety solutions.
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Why Employee Safety Matters

In today’s evolving workplace, ensuring the safety of all employees is not just a duty but a necessity. By implementing robust employee safety solutions, organisations not only comply with health and safety legislation but also boost employee morale and engagement. This commitment to safety can significantly enhance your Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) credentials, demonstrating a tangible duty of care that attracts and retains top talent.

Who We Help Protect

Whether in the office, in the field, or at home, our tailored safety solutions are designed to ensure the security and well-being of every team member, adapting to unique environments and needs.
All Employees
Our solutions are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of every employee, enhancing security in every work scenario.
Lone Workers
Specialised safety solutions to protect lone workers who face unique risks, providing them with immediate assistance when needed.
Home and Hybrid Workers
Tailored safety protocols to secure home and hybrid work environments, ensuring remote employees are never out of reach.
Employee safety
Lone workers
Home and hybrid workers

How We Protect

From the office to the field, our solutions are designed to protect all employees, regardless of their work environment or specific risks they face.
Personal Safety App
Explore the features of our dedicated app designed for lone workers, offering tools like emergency alerts and location tracking.
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Dedicated Personal Safety Device
Learn about our robust physical safety devices that keep lone workers safe with features such as fall detection and emergency alarms.
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24/7 Alarm Monitoring Service
Understand how our round-the-clock monitoring services provide immediate support and assistance, ensuring swift responses to any emergency.
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“It has been great to keep an eye on lone workers in high-risk areas. The platform is intuitive and it was a really smooth transition from our old vendor. Vatix is the best lone working solution I’ve come across.”
Keenan Johnson
HSE Advisor, DFDS

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Join 500+ forward-thinking leaders transforming workplace safety.
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