Lone Worker Solutions

Lone Worker Safety Solutions

Empower employee safety with our integrated lone worker safety solutions, including apps, devices and 24/7 monitoring.
Call for immediate help in an emergency
Choice of app or device solution
Fully BS8484: 2022 accredited
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Lone worker safety solutionsLone worker safety appLone worker safety device
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A Complete Range of Lone Worker Safety Solutions

Explore our range of lone worker safety solutions and ensure every team member is protected, no matter where their work takes them.

Lone Worker App

Empower your lone workers using their own smartphone, with no extra hardware required.
Instant SOS alarm calling and timed check-ins
Fully accredited to BS 8484:2022
Available for both iOS and Android
SOS Alarm lone worker safety app

Lone Worker Device

Built with advanced safety measures, our device ensures your workers can call for help immediately in all situations.
SOS alert button, fall detection, 4G/HD audio calls & more
Durable build suitable for all environments
Comprehensive, BS 8484:2022 certified safety solution
Lone worker safety device

Dedicated Alarm Monitoring Centre

Our 24/7 Monitoring Team is highly trained to provide a swift and efficient response to lone worker alarm activations.
Solely dedicated to lone worker alarms for expert response
Bypasses 999 call and saves vital time in an emergency
Accredited to the highest industry standards
Alarm monitoring centre

Cloud-Based Management Platform

Efficiently manage your lone workers in one user-friendly platform.
Easily tailor alarm response instructions in emergencies
Quickly add users and assign app licenses and devices
Get in-depth reports on devices, audit trails and more
Cloud based management platform
“It has been great to keep an eye on lone workers in high-risk areas. The platform is intuitive and it was a really smooth transition from our old vendor. Vatix is the best lone working solution I’ve come across.”
Keenan Johnson
HSE Advisor, DFDS

Frequently asked questions

Can I have some people using this Device and others using the Lone Worker App within the same account?

Absolutely, you can integrate both Lone Worker devices and Lone Worker App licenses within the same account. This flexibility enables you to tailor the lone worker safety solutions according to each employee’s specific needs and risk assessments.

What are the advantages of using a lone worker device?

Utilising a lone worker device gives you a reliable, straightforward method for raising an alarm. These devices are designed to high safety standards, offering robustness and an extended battery life compared to mobile phones.

What accessories are included with the lone worker device?

The Lone Worker device package includes the Safe Pro device, a quick-release lanyard, a charging docking station, a cable for connecting the wall plug and charger, a getting-started user guide, and a UK wall plug. Additional wearable accessories like a belt clip, in-vehicle mount, and wall mount are also available.

What privacy measures are in place for the lone worker device?

Your privacy is a priority. Location data is utilised solely in emergency scenarios. Upon alarm activation, the device’s location is shared with our monitoring centres to provide an immediate and effective response.
Moreover, a variety of privacy controls can be configured via the web portal, aligning with your organisation’s policies.

Why should I opt for a 4G lone worker device instead of a 2G device?

A 4G lone worker device offers numerous advantages over its 2G counterpart. These include broader network coverage—especially in rural areas—and more efficient support for features like live tracking.
As 2G technology is gradually being phased out, a 4G device ensures longer-term compatibility and support.

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