Lone Worker Safety

Empowering Employee Safety: Our Integrated Lone Worker Solution Delivers Peace of Mind with Apps, Devices, and 24/7 Monitoring.
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Lone Worker Safety
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End-to-End Lone Worker Safety

Intuitive Lone Worker App

Ensure the safety of your lone workers with our intuitive, smartphone app that offers immediate emergency response.
The Complete Lone Worker Safety App
Our Lone Worker App offers a comprehensive suite of safety features, from instant SOS alarm calling and Timed Check-ins to 24/7 Alarm Monitoring. Fully accredited to BS 8484:2022, it's the ultimate safety app for iOS and Android users.
Effortless to Use and Swift to Deploy
Our Lone Worker App is designed with intuitive features, making it straightforward for users to integrate into their daily routines with minimal training. Being app-based, it offers rapid deployment and easy rollout across your workforce.
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Lone Worker Device

Ensure the safety of lone workers with the Vatix Safe Pro® device
The Ultimate Lone Worker Device
Our Lone Worker Device is equipped with an array of advanced safety features, from SOS Alert Buttons and Fall Detection to 4G/HD Audio Calls. With a Multi-Network Roaming SIM card and both indoor (WiFi) and outdoor (GPS) positioning, it's an all-in-one, BS 8484:2022 certified safety solution that's both waterproof and durable.
No Phone Required: The Standalone Safety Device
Ensure the safety of your lone workers with our standalone device, equipped with its own SIM card, offering immediate emergency assistance without the need for a smartphone.
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24/7 Alarm Monitoring Centre

Our round-the-clock Monitoring Team is exceptionally trained to deliver rapid and professional action on lone worker alarm activations.
Industry-Leading Quality Standards
Our state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centres are focused solely on lone worker alarms, assuring undistracted, expert handling by our professionally trained staff. Accredited to the highest industry standards, such as BS 8484:2022, BS 7858, BS EN 50518, ISO 27001, BS 9518:2021, and meeting all NPCC Alarms Policy operational requirements.
Direct Police Escalation in Emergencies
Our Alarm Receiving Centres feature the ability for direct police contact through our Unique Reference Number (URN), eliminating the need for a traditional 999 call and thereby conserving vital time in emergency scenarios."
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Comprehensive Management Platform

Manage your end-to-end solution effectively with our cloud-based platform. Add users, teams, assign app licenses, devices, manage users, view usage reports from a single platform
Easily Manage Alarm Response instructions
Easily configure custom response profiles using our intuitive software. Tailor emergency procedures so our monitoring operators know exactly whom to contact within your organisation during a live alarm, ensuring a swift and appropriate response.
In-depth Reporting and Dashboards
Benefit from a detailed audit trail of all alarm activations, contributing to your compliance audit requirements. Our usage reporting dashboards deliver actionable insights into alarm activations and user engagement, empowering you to ensure full compliance with lone working procedures.

Enhance workplace security, effortlessly with Vatix

“Vatix's safety system is exceedingly valuable. We're not only protecting our own site, we're protecting the security guards too.”
Mike Evans, Interim Health & Safety Manager
Plant & Bean

Frequently Asked Questions

Can some employees use the Lone Worker Device whilst others use the Lone Worker App?

Absolutely. Our platform accommodates both Lone Worker Devices and Lone Worker App licences within a single account. Many organisations choose this flexible approach to customise safety solutions based on individual employee needs, job roles, and risk assessments.

Does Vatix offer a dedicated 24/7 alarm monitoring service?

Yes, Vatix provides a specialised 24/7 monitoring service focused solely on employee personal safety devices. Our Alarm Response Operators are highly trained to manage critical and life-threatening emergencies. We have direct access to police control rooms via a Unique Reference Number (URN), thereby bypassing the 999 call system and saving valuable time. We comply with the highest industry standards, including BS8484: 2022, BS EN 50518:2019 Category 1, and ISO 27001. Our operators act as your dedicated incident response team, using live audio and real-time location data to assess and handle situations. Every action taken is logged and made available through the Vatix web platform, ensuring a complete, auditable compliance trail for future reference, such as HSE audits or investigations.

What compliance standards do Vatix's Lone Worker Safety solutions meet?

Our solutions adhere to rigorous industry standards, including BS 7858, BS8484: 2022, and ISO 27001. Additionally, we offer expedited emergency response through direct police connectivity via our Unique Reference Number (URN).

How do Vatix's solutions enhance employee well-being and operational efficiency?

Vatix’s Lone Worker Safety solutions are designed to improve both employee well-being and operational productivity. They eliminate the need for manual safety check-ins, allowing your staff to focus on their primary responsibilities while benefiting from added security measures.

Can Vatix's Lone Worker Safety solutions be customised to align with my organisation's specific needs?

Absolutely. We offer customisable response profiles that allow you to adapt alarm responses to suit your organisation's unique structure and emergency protocols. Additionally, you can configure a range of privacy controls via the Vatix web portal to ensure alignment with your organisation's policies.

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