Protector: Alarms and Incidents

One platform. Two solutions. Protector's lone worker safety and incident reporting solutions enable you to improve your workforce safety.

Alarms, Incidents, or Both.

Give your workers at risk the power to call for help in an emergency and protect your employees with Protector’s alarm monitoring and lone worker safety devices and app.

Empower your workforce to easily report incidents with Protector to streamline incident reporting. 

Depending on your needs, your organisation can use both solutions together, or only one.

Choose How You Want to Protect Your Team

Safe Pro Device
Industry-leading alarm device with two-way audio, GPS, fall detection, SOS button, and 24-hour battery life. The multi-network SIM card provides coverage even in low signal areas.
Lone Worker Safety App
Mobile lone working safety app accredited with BS8484: 2016 and equipped with two-way audio, GPS, SOS button, contextual voice and notes updates, and timed check-ins.
Incident Reporting
Speed up and streamline how you capture, manage, and report on safety incidents with our digital system that eliminates the headache and manual errors of pen and paper reporting.
Twig One Ex
Device built for hazardous environments, ATEX approved, and equipped with two-way audio, indoor positioning, fall detection, SOS button, and 12-day battery life.
Alarm Receiving Centres
The monitoring option provides you with 24/7 monitoring by our two Alarm Response Centres with BS8484: 2016 and EN50518 accreditation to initiate police response if required.
Flexible In-House Monitoring
The in-house monitoring option includes configurable alarm response profiles to customise escalation procedures for employees or groups of users with different risk factors.

Help During Emergencies

Empower your lone workers with the ability to instantly connect with a 24/7 monitoring team via SOS buttons.

Any missed timed check-ins or fall detection via the man down alarm feature will alert the monitoring team, along with the GPS location. This means that any workers at risk can receive the immediate help they need.

Get Immediate Help with Just One Click

Report Incidents in Real Time

Give employees the control to report incidents and near misses in real-time to identify and implement the corrective actions needed to improve workplace safety.

You can rely on Protector’s automatic incident logbook to keep a detailed record of all the incidents reported by your employees, which is helpful with health & safety compliance.

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Our Customers Say

"Everything about Protector is exactly what we need as reassurance. You know, what they're actually wearing now will save their lives. They may be on their own, but they're not on their own, they are protected."
Building & Services Manager, 
University of Cambridge
"There's a lot more awareness and profiling on culture improvement now we've introduced Vatix to keep people safe. Model behaviours improved. And legal compliance is where it needs to be."
New England Seafood
Health, Safety and Environment Manager, New England Seafood
"Vatix gives us the reassurance that no matter what happens throughout the day, the system will alert us about anomalies and we can track these in real time."
Health & Safety Manager, 
Bonne Maman

Our Customers

Here are the workplace safety and productivity results we’ve delivered for our satisfied customers.
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