Accident vs Incident: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to workplace safety, understanding the differences between accidents and incidents is critical. This article explores their distinct differences, impacts on safety measures, legal obligations, and strategies for managing and preventing such events in the workplace. What is an Accident? An accident is an unplanned event that results in personal injury, property damage,…
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Safeguarding in Care: Your Guide to Protecting the Vulnerable

Safeguarding is an essential framework designed to protect society's most vulnerable individuals. This article will explore the core principles, prevention of harm, and the legal obligations that underpin safety within care environments. What is Safeguarding in Care? Safeguarding means protecting individuals' health, wellbeing, and human rights from harm, abuse, and neglect. It is essential in…
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What is a Lone Worker? Everything You Need to Know

If you employ individuals who work separately from others and without close supervision, it’s critical to understand lone worker safety. This guide clarifies who qualifies as a lone worker, explores the risks they encounter, and outlines your duties as an employer to protect them. What is a Lone Worker? The Health and Safety Executive (HSE)…
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35 Common Near Miss Examples in the Workplace

When seconds and inches are the only things preventing an accident, you’ve witnessed an example of near miss. These incidents are crucial for identifying potential hazards and improving workplace safety. Here, we'll examine clear, actionable examples that demonstrate how a workplace accident was narrowly avoided. You’ll gain insights into potential risks and the importance of…
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The Ultimate Guide to a Dynamic Risk Assessment

A dynamic risk assessment is the safety process of quickly evaluating and responding to risks in real-time, so work can proceed safely. It's designed for quick decision-making in response to immediate challenges. In this article, we'll explore how dynamic risk assessments can keep your lone workers safe in the field. What is a Dynamic Risk…
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Understanding and Preventing Common Care Home Incidents

Ensuring the health and safety of care home residents requires constant attention and the right knowledge. With risks such as falls and medication errors common in these settings, knowing how to prevent them is key. This article breaks down care home safety, from understanding the regulations and common incidents to implementing preventative strategies. Care Home…
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The Role of EHS in Modern Business

EHS regulations don't need to be a burden - they can play a pivotal role in business growth. In particular, digital tools can help transform EHS management into a key strategy for business excellence. We'll detail how below. What is EHS? EHS stands for Environment, Health, and Safety. It's a critical framework protecting individuals and…
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9 Benefits of Digital Incident Reporting in Healthcare

When an incident occurs, how do we ensure it doesn’t happen again? Effective incident reporting in healthcare is essential for documenting, analysing, and learning from incidents. This allows for quick identification and resolution of safety breaches, helping to prevent future incidents. As the healthcare sector evolves, the use of incident reporting software has become increasingly…
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