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EHS Software Platform

Discover Vatix Workspace, our integrated platform that revolutionises the way you manage safety, compliance, and EHS data, streamlining operations with unparalleled efficiency and coherence.
Consolidate safety, compliance, EHS, and operational data in one system.
Enjoy a consistent user interface across all applications for ease of use.
Leverage unified corrective action tracking for comprehensive oversight.
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Unify Your Safety, Compliance and Operational Processes In A Single System

Embrace Vatix Workspace: your single source of truth for safety, compliance, and operational excellence, delivering seamless integration and intuitive interaction across all modules.

All Your Data, One Platform

Improve engagement and overall adoption of the platform by making it as simple as possible to report incidents.
Centralise diverse data for a holistic view of your operations.
Relate records across products to enhance functionality and insights.
A consistent UI across modules simplifies training and daily use.
Vatix task management

Simplified User and Licence Management

Streamline user management with enterprise-grade IT integrations, including SSO and SCIM. Our flexible licensing ensures you optimise cost without compromising on who gets access to essential tools.
Modular platform with flexible licensing options to fit every team's needs.
Tailor user permissions and team management settings to ensure the right access levels across the board.
Enterprise integrations like SSO and SCIM for effortless user onboarding and offboarding.
Easily assign users

Industry-Leading Security Standards

With ISO27001 certification and GDPR-compliant data management, Vatix Workspace safeguards your information with the highest security protocols, ensuring peace of mind in every operation.
Ensure top-tier information security with ISO27001 accreditation.
Protect your organisation's and users' privacy with GDPR-compliant data handling.
Prioritise your data's security and compliance with our platform.
ISO27001 certified and GDPR-compliant data management

Vatix Workspace Modules Overview

Unlock the full potential of Vatix Workspace with our specialised modules, each tailored to enhance specific aspects of safety, compliance, and risk management within your organisation.
Incident Reporting
Simplify incident management with a solution that transforms reporting, facilitating quick and effective response actions.
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Audits & Inspections
Elevate your audit and inspection processes with comprehensive tools designed for accuracy and efficiency.
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Employee Safety
Enhance employee protection with our integrated safety solution, offering real-time monitoring and emergency response.
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Risk Management
Tackle risk assessments proactively with our module, facilitating thorough hazard analysis and mitigation strategies.
Incident reporting softwareNew inicident report mobile app
Audits and inspectionsAudits and inspections mobile app
Lone worker safetyLone worker safety mobile app
Risk management
"The portal is very user-friendly, and the communication with Vatix is so quick, easy, and effortless. Vatix offers a valuable service and puts the customer first, ensuring that we are looked after. The Vatix team made the set-up smooth, and it was easy to transition from our old system to the new one."
Glen Marlow
Transport Monitoring Team Leader, Brighton & Hove City Council

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