Safeguarding Reporting Software

Simplify Safeguarding Reporting

Empower your organisation with a solution tailored for the complexities of safeguarding within the healthcare, education, and care sectors.
Enable easy safeguarding reporting via web, mobile app, or QR code
Tailor forms and workflows specifically for safeguarding, addressing the unique needs of your sector
Automate action tracking and KPI reporting to uphold stringent safeguarding standards
Safeguarding reporting softwaresafeguarding reporting mobile app
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Elevate Safeguarding Case Management

Ensure your organisation remains compliant with critical safeguarding standards and regulations, saving invaluable time and resources.

Enhance Safeguarding Incident Reporting

Foster a proactive reporting culture with our streamlined process, essential in sensitive safeguarding matters.
Customise incident reporting forms to align with specific safeguarding requirements
Enable reporting through desktop, smartphone, or QR code for universal access
Capture comprehensive details, including pictures and files, vital for documenting safeguarding incidents accurately
Safeguarding incident report

Detailed Safeguarding Case Oversight

Ensure thorough management of safeguarding cases with a system built to handle their complexity.
Receive instant email alerts for swift action on safeguarding reports
Easily assign corrective measures, supported by a complete incident log
Use specialised fields for in-depth investigations and root cause analyses specific to safeguarding

Improve Safeguarding Outcomes and Compliance

Utilise advanced analytics to meet regulatory requirements and elevate safeguarding protocols.
Consolidate and examine data from a single source, crucial for accurate safeguarding analytics
Streamline processes with automated reporting, focusing on safeguarding KPIs and reporting requirements for commissioners
Choose from over 40 chart types or design custom reports to assess the efficacy of your safeguarding measures and compliance
Comprehensive analytics dashboard
"The system has provided exactly what we needed. When an incident occurs it is addressed immediately, rather than getting lost in the database. This really enhances our coordination as a senior leadership team, giving us real-time access and control over the data."
Max Larcombe
Director for Accommodation Based Services, Caring for Communities and People

Strengthen Safeguarding Reporting with Vatix

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