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Elevate your safety management with unparalleled configurability. Adapt effortlessly to health and safety oversight or specific industry requirements.
Enable easy reporting via web, mobile app, or QR code
Tailor forms, fields and procedures to your organisation’s needs
Track corrective actions and automate KPI reporting
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Transform Your Incident Management System

Embed a world-class incident reporting software that streamlines the entire incident management process. Automate notifications, action tracking, and KPI reporting to save your team valuable time.

Make it Easy for People to Report Incidents

Improve engagement and overall adoption of the platform by making it as simple as possible to report incidents.
Fully customise your incident reporting form
Report incidents via desktop, mobile app or QR code
Capture all the information you need, including pictures
Make it easy for people to report incidents

Investigate and Assign Corrective Actions

Get better accountability with a complete, time-stamped overview of an incident that includes everything from the original submission, follow up steps, actions and related attachments.
Get email notifications to managers when an incident is reported
Review the incident report and assign corrective actions
Track investigation procedures and root cause analysis with custom fields
Investigate and assign corrective actions

Spot Trends and Report Key Metrics to Stakeholders

Configure elegant reporting dashboards, easily track incident management KPIs with more insight.
Create accurate reports from data that isn’t scattered
Automate all your incident reporting for big time savings
Use 40+ pre-set chart types and filters with best-practice metrics options or create your own custom reports
Comprehensive reporting dashboard

One Platform, Unlimited Possibilities

All the features you need to empower your workforce and keep them safe.
Health & Safety Incident Reporting
Efficiently report near misses, safety observations, and accidents, while tracking lost time due to injuries. Equip your organisation with the tools to record essential RIDDOR reporting information, enabling compliance with HSE regulations.
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Safeguarding Reporting
Specifically tailored for reporting incidents that impact vulnerable groups, ensuring adherence to safeguarding protocols and compliance with entities like Ofsted and CQC.
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Near Miss Reporting
Proactively identify, track and address near miss safety events and enhance safety. Reduce potential workplace incidents before they become an accident that results in work delays and injured employees.
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“It has been incredibly positive. Being able to promptly report, follow up and create accurate reports in one place has been incredibly useful. Everybody sees what they need to and isn’t sent manually.”
Saran Cartwright
Head of H&S, Autism Initiatives

Frequently asked questions

What is incident reporting?

Incident reporting is a systematic method used by organisations to document and manage unforeseen events, hazards, or near misses in the workplace. At its core, incident reporting promotes a safer environment and aids in compliance with H&S legislations, including RIDDOR. For specific industries, like those under the purview of the CQC, tailored incident reporting becomes crucial to meet stringent regulatory requirements and standards. With technology like Vatix’s incident reporting software, organisations can ensure precise, efficient, and real-time logging, making legislative compliance more straightforward.

What can be reported through the Vatix Incident Reporting system?

The Vatix Incident Reporting system is versatile and adaptable, designed to meet a broad spectrum of reporting needs. From health and safety incidents, improvement ideas, near miss events, to maintenance issues and property damage, our platform ensures comprehensive coverage. It is also equipped for industry-specific requirements, including safeguarding and clinical incident reporting in healthcare settings. With its highly configurable nature, organisations can customise forms and fields to capture all necessary information across various incident types, ensuring nothing is missed.

What are the benefits of using the Vatix Incident Reporting Management System?

Using the Vatix Incident Reporting Management System offers numerous benefits that streamline and enhance incident management processes across any organisation. Our system supports multi-platform reporting, enabling users to report incidents seamlessly through an intuitive web app, mobile application, or by simply scanning a QR code. It features efficient escalation to ensure incidents are promptly and effectively addressed by the relevant managers. Beyond mere reporting, Vatix empowers managers to conduct comprehensive investigations, facilitating root cause analysis and in-depth inquiries into incidents. The process of delegation is simplified, allowing managers to effortlessly assign follow-up actions across the organisation, which ensures accountability and swift resolution of issues. Moreover, our system is designed to significantly reduce the time from an incident being reported to its resolution, thereby minimising the risk of recurrence and enhancing overall workplace safety.

How does the Vatix system ensure the privacy and security of incident data?

The Vatix Incident Reporting software is designed to comply with privacy legislation and uphold the highest information security standards, including our ISO-27001 Accreditation. For more details on our security measures and accreditations, please visit our commitment to customer trust page. Within the product, we offer robust permission and privacy controls that enable customers to set user and team access levels. This ensures that only authorised personnel can see sensitive information, helping organisations follow information security management best practices and protect data confidentiality and integrity.

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