Lone Worker Device

Give your team the ability to call for help in an emergency from the Vatix Safe Pro device.
Standalone Safety Alarm Device
End-to-End Lone Worker Safety Provider
Fully BS8484: 2022 Accredited
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End-to-End Lone Worker Safety, Total Assurance

Lone Worker Device

Safeguard your lone workers with the specialised Vatix Safe Pro® device.
Comprehensive Lone Worker Device Capabilities
Our Vatix Safe Pro® Device boasts an extensive set of safety features, from SOS Alert Buttons and Fall Detection to 4G/HD Audio Calls. Featuring a Multi-Network Roaming SIM card and both indoor (WiFi) and outdoor (GPS) positioning, it's a comprehensive, BS 8484:2022 certified safety solution that's waterproof and durable.
No Phone Required: The Standalone Safety Device
Ensure unmatched safety for your lone workers with our standalone Vatix Safe Pro® device, featuring its own SIM card for immediate emergency assistance, independent of a smartphone.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring Centre

Our 24/7 Monitoring Team is highly trained to provide swift and expert response to lone worker alarm activations.
Industry-Leading Quality Standards
Our Alarm Receiving Centres are not only state-of-the-art but also exclusively dedicated to lone worker alarms, ensuring undistracted, expert response from our highly trained operators. Certified to the industry's highest standards, including BS 8484:2022, BS 7858, BS EN 50518, ISO 27001, BS 9518:2021, and all operational requirements in the NPCC Alarms Policy.
Direct Police Escalation in Emergencies
Our Alarm Receiving Centres offer direct police response via our Unique Reference Number (URN), bypassing the need for a 999 call and thus saving crucial time in emergencies.
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Unified Management Platform

Efficiently manage your lone worker devices through our cloud-based dashboard. Add team members, easily assign and unassign devices to users.
Effortless Alarm Response Configuration
Conveniently set up customised response profiles with our user-friendly software. Adapt emergency guidelines so that our monitoring staff know precisely who to reach out to in your organisation during an active alarm, guaranteeing a rapid and relevant response.
Detailed Reporting & Dashboard Features
Gain from an extensive audit log of every alarm activation, aiding in your compliance audit obligations. Our user engagement and alarm activation dashboards provide actionable data, enabling you to confirm complete compliance with lone worker protocols.

Key Features

All Day Battery

With a 24-29 hour battery life you can rest assured that the battery life of your device will last even the longest day of work.

Fall Down Detection

Enabling the fall detection feature of the device means that if the person using the device falls or is incapacitated the sensors on the device can automatically initiate the alarm call from the device.

Two-Way Audio

The device has a microphone and loudspeaker so when the alarm is activated, by pressing the SOS button or through the fall detection the user will be connected to the responder via a two way call.

IP67 Waterproof

IP67 means the device can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour, it is also resistant to dust.

BS8484:2022 Accredited

The device is accredited and conforms with the requirements of the BS8484:2016 standard for lone working.

Real-time GPS Positioning

The device updates its GPS coordinates every two minutes so users have a real-time view of their team using the Protector software. It enables the alarm monitoring team to see exactly where someone is in case of emergency.

One-Press Activation

It is easy to activate the alarm by simply pressing the SOS button, this gives you the piece of mind that you.

Discrete Activation

The device gives the user discrete vibration that the feedback that the alarm has been activated by vibrating rather than making a sound.

Roaming SIM

The device uses a special multi-network SIM card to send location data and make voice calls. The SIM operates on several of the UK’s largest mobile networks to maximise signal coverage.


Pick from a range of wearable accessories such as a belt clip, wrist strap and vehicle or wall mounts. The device has a universal adapter so you can use a range of accessories with the same device.

QR Sharing

Enable easy sharing of devices by simply scanning the QR code on the back of the device when using the Protector mobile app to link it to your user profile.

Send Voice Message

You can send a voice message using the device which the alarm monitoring operators can listen to should your alarm be activated. It’s great for adding context should the alarm be activated.
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Enhance workplace security, effortlessly with Vatix

“Thanks to the 24/7 personal alarms, I am confident that our doulas & volunteers are always protected. It's the guarantee that I need to be reassured that they're safe in clients' homes and after supporting births, walking through empty, lonely hospital car parks late at night."
Hope Plumb, Co-Founder

Looking for a Lone Worker App Instead?

Enable your workers to raise the alarm directly from a smartphone to get immediate help in case of an emergency. Schedule check-ins, provide context through voice or text updates. BS8484:2022 certified.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have some people using this Device and others using the Lone Worker App within the same account?

Absolutely, you can integrate both Lone Worker devices and Lone Worker App licenses within the same account. This flexibility enables you to tailor the safety solutions according to each employee's specific needs and risk assessments.

What are the advantages of using a lone worker device?

Utilising a lone worker device gives you a reliable, straightforward method for raising an alarm. These devices are designed to high safety standards, offering robustness and an extended battery life compared to mobile phones.

What accessories are included with the lone worker device?

The Lone Worker device package includes the Safe Pro device, a quick-release lanyard, a charging docking station, a cable for connecting the wall plug and charger, a getting-started user guide, and a UK wall plug. Additional wearable accessories like a belt clip, in-vehicle mount, and wall mount are also available.

What privacy measures are in place for the lone worker device?

Your privacy is a priority. Location data is utilised solely in emergency scenarios. Upon alarm activation, the device's location is shared with our monitoring centres to provide an immediate and effective response. Moreover, a variety of privacy controls can be configured via the web portal, aligning with your organisation's policies.

Why should I opt for a 4G lone worker device instead of a 2G device?

A 4G lone worker device offers numerous advantages over its 2G counterpart. These include broader network coverage—especially in rural areas—and more efficient support for features like live tracking. As 2G technology is gradually being phased out, a 4G device ensures longer-term compatibility and support.

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