TWIG One Ex — ATEX Device

Give your high-risk workers assurance with TWIG One Ex, an ATEX approved lone worker alarm.

Reliable Help with
Unmatched Durability

In explosive hazardous working environments, employers need ATEX approved safety devices to fulfill their legal obligation of providing their workers with a device that can withstand extreme temperatures, and hazardous materials.

ATEX approved for gas and dust, TWIG One Ex device gives workers the confidence that someone will always have their backs in an emergency—thanks to the device’s fall detection, alarm monitoring, and two-way audio.
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Two Ways of Monitoring Alarms

Alarm Receiving Centre
Self Monitored
Step 1
Step 2
Activate Alarm
Step 3
Monitoring Response
Step 4
Alarm Assessment
Step 5
Alarm Completed
Equip your workers at risk with our lone worker safety devices.
In an emergency, your staff can activate the alarm through the SOS button, or the alarm can be raised automatically if a fall is detected.
All alarm activations start a call between your worker and a highly trained operator that can speak directly to your worker in our two 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centres, where they will assess the situation, speak to the worker and, if required, call emergency services for immediate assistance.
After assessing the alarm situation by speaking with the worker, the operator escalates the alarm by calling the emergency services if needed.
The operator in the alarm response centre closes the alarm when the incident has been resolved.

Built to Withstand
Hazardous Areas

TWIG One Ex is an ATEX device approved for gas and dust. The device withstands extreme temperatures from -20 to 60°C and is waterproof to withstand wet conditions and humidity up to 100 per cent.
Equipped with 12-day battery life, the device can last long shifts and expeditions. Durable and built to last, it requires little to no maintenance, making them great for remote locations where it can be difficult to get equipment repairs.

Lightweight & Easy to Use

TWIG One Ex is designed to withstand rugged use, yet it is small, slim, light, and discreet. This means it will never become an obstruction to carry in the line of duty — an important factor for workers who need to stay focused.

TWIG One Ex is also easy to use and adopt thanks to clear LCD display, pre-programmable function keys, and one-push SOS or amber alert key. The man down alarm ensures that any fall detected will send an alert to the alarm monitoring team.

Ideal for Hazardous Environments

The TWIG One Ex device look out for workers in extremely high-risk environments. Workers who need this type of device are those who work in industrial, heavy duty, noisy environments where normal modes of communication are difficult.
Industries that employ lone workers to work with hazardous materials, such as the petrochemical and aviation industry, can also benefit from the peace of mind that TWIG One Ex provides their lone workers.

Our Customers Say

"Everything about Protector is exactly what we need as reassurance. You know, what they're actually wearing now will save their lives. They may be on their own, but they're not on their own, they are protected."
Building & Services Manager,
University of Cambridge

Protect Every High-Risk Lone Worker

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