risk assessment

7 Key Issues to Know Before Completing a Lone Worker Risk Assessment

The implication of the term ‘lone worker’ is one laced with ideas of danger and risk and, with many industries currently being faced with new challenges, it’s important to prioritise risk assessment in your health and safety plans. With proper preparation, workplace accidents will be less likely to occur even in the most high-risk roles.…
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future health and safety remote workforce

What Will a Future Health and Safety Policy Look Like For a Remote Workforce?

Lone workers are nothing new, having been around since almost the dawn of time when hunter-gatherers were a core part of society, but the frenetic pace at which the world has evolved around lone working and employers’ duty of care has fundamentally changed how we treat health and safety policy for this growing part of…
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lone working

Lone Working: Everything You Should Know About the History of Employees Working Alone

The first step towards fostering a safe and productive environment for your at-risk workers is learning everything you can about the history of lone working. Discovering how this crucial part of the global workforce was forged and has evolved will lead decision-makers to the right choices when it comes to those for whom they’re responsible.…
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write lone worker policy

How to Write a Lone Worker Policy

Health and safety is one of the biggest concerns for businesses, so how do you ensure your lone worker policy covers employees who regularly work on their own?  Many UK businesses draft a clear, comprehensive lone worker policy to enforce certain safety measures for lone workers and their managers. The lone worker policy is a…
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