Lone Worker App

Equip your team with an instant safety app that takes zero learning
curve and covers all compliance bases.
Instant Help via Smartphone Alerts
Dedicated 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre
Fully BS8484: 2022 Accredited Solution
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Elevate Safety with Speed & Compliance

Intuitive Lone Worker App

Guarantee the safety of your lone workers with our user-friendly mobile app, providing immediate emergency assistance.
The Comprehensive App for Lone Worker Safety
Our app is replete with a broad range of safety features such as immediate SOS alarm functionality, Scheduled Check-ins, and round-the-clock Alarm Monitoring. It is fully compliant with BS 8484:2022, making it the ultimate safety application for both iOS and Android devices.
Simple to Use, Quick to Implement
Designed for user-friendliness, our Lone Worker App is easy to incorporate into daily work habits with little training. As it's app-based, it enables swift deployment and streamlined rollout to your entire team.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Our around-the-clock Monitoring Team is expertly trained to give rapid and professional responses to lone worker alarm activations.
Industry-Leading Quality Standards
Our Alarm Receiving Hubs are cutting-edge and exclusively focused on lone worker alarms, ensuring an undistracted and expert reaction from our highly skilled operators. Accredited to the top industry standards, such as BS 8484:2022, BS 7858, BS EN 50518, ISO 27001, BS 9518:2021, and all operational specifications in the NPCC Alarms Policy.
Direct Police Escalation in Emergency Situations
Our Alarm Receiving Centres have the capacity for direct police contact through our Unique Reference Number (URN), thus eliminating the need for a traditional 999 call and conserving vital time in emergency scenarios.
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Unified Management Platform

Efficiently administer your lone worker apps through our cloud-based platform. Add team members, easily allocate and de-allocate app licenses to users.
Effortless Alarm Response Configuration
Seamlessly create tailored response profiles via our intuitive software. Modify emergency protocols to instruct our monitoring operators precisely whom to contact within your organisation during a live alarm, ensuring a prompt and fitting response.
Detailed Reporting & Dashboard Features
Benefit from a comprehensive audit trail of each alarm activation, contributing to your compliance audit requirements. Our dashboards on user engagement and alarm triggers offer actionable insights, allowing you to ensure full compliance with lone worker procedures.

Key Features

iOS & Android

The app is available on iPhone and Android devices so you have flexibility to use it on a wide range of mobile devices.

Timed Alert

You can set a safety timer for the period of time you are carrying out an activity, and if you do not close down the timer before it expires, the app will automatically initiate the alarm activation procedure.

Licence Management

The platform gives you the flexibility to re-assign app user licences, so as your needs evolve and people come and go you can easily reassign licences to maximise your ROI.

Easy Onboarding

Even if you have hundreds or thousands of end users it is simple to get your employees setup and using the service within minutes.

Key Location Updates

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MDM Compatible

The app is designed to work with your organisation’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution so managing deployment is straightforward.

Voice Messaging

Leave a recorded voice message to give context about your work situation which the alarm monitoring operators can listen to should your alarm be activated.


Schedule a check-in so that you are prompted to notify us that you are ok. Should you miss a check-in the system will automatically activate the alarm and follow the pre-set escalation procedure for your organisation.
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Enhance workplace security, effortlessly with Vatix

“The people that use the lone worker app the most really find it easy to use. Nothing complicated. And you know lone workers feel safer. They know that if anything were to happen, that someone will try and get hold of them or escalate the situation if necessary.”
Joe Edwards, Senior Research Associate
Arden Biotechnology

Looking for a Lone Worker Device Instead?

We also offer a lone worker alarm device with an integrated SIM, independent of a user's mobile phone. Manage both the lone worker device and app within the same platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a mix of Apps and Devices in the same account?

Yes, you can have both Lone Worker App licenses and Vatix Lone Worker alarm devices within the same account. Many of our customers use this approach so they can provide the most appropriate solution for each individual user's needs, preferences, and risk profile.

What are the benefits of using a lone worker app?

Using a Lone Worker App helps organisations comply with relevant health and safety laws and improve employee wellbeing and satisfaction. It also enhances efficiency by saving the need for manual check-ins or buddy systems between employees, which can be time-consuming and unreliable. Overall, a Lone Worker App provides a streamlined, secure, and user-friendly solution for maintaining worker safety.

Can employees use the App on their personal devices?

Yes, employees can use the Lone Worker App on their personal devices. It doesn't use much battery or data, so it will have no real impact on performance and data usage.

How does the lone worker app protect my privacy?

The Lone Worker App has various privacy controls built in, allowing it to be set to an offline mode when not in use (all core alarm activation features will still work). Location information is only shared if the app is in an at-risk mode set by the user or if an alarm has been activated on the app, ensuring maximum privacy and control.

Can alarm activations be directed to our own employees or in-house teams instead of Vatix's monitoring centre?

Yes, we offer a self-monitoring service where the customer can use Vatix's alarm monitoring platform and set specific alarm forwarding profiles for each user in their account. This ensures that alarm response calls are always routed to the correct person, providing flexibility and alignment with your unique organisational structure and preferences.

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