Lone Worker App

Protector App

Equip your team with an instant safety app to quickly get help in an emergency. Zero learning curve and covers all compliance bases.
Call for help in an emergency via smartphone alerts
Dedicated 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre
Fully BS8484: 2022 accredited solution
Lone worker safety mobile app
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The Ultimate Lone Worker Safety App

Guarantee the safety of your lone workers within a user-friendly mobile app, containing vital safety features that keep them safe.
Quickly call for help in an emergency
Send an SOS alert with just one click and ensure no time is wasted during critical situations.
Stay safe throughout the day with timed check-ins
Maintain safety throughout a dangerous activity and automatically send an alert if a check-in is missed.
Discreetly activate the alarm even when the phone is locked
Trigger an SOS alert without needing to open the app by simply shaking on iPhone or tapping power button repeatedly on Android.
SOS alart lone worker safety app
Timed check ins
Discreet alarm activation

Built with Powerful Features

All the features you need to empower your workforce and keep them safe.

iOS and Android

Available across both platforms so all your workers can use it, no matter what smartphone they have.

Timed Alert

Set a safety timer for the period of time you are carrying out an activity. If the timer isn’t closed before it expires, an alarm is activated.

Voice Messaging

Leave a recorded message to give context about your work situation which the alarm monitoring operators can listen to should your alarm activate.

Key Location Updates

When an alarm is activated, the user’s current location is shared with the monitoring team, who can direct emergency services exactly where to go.

MDM Compatible

Designed to work with your organisation’s Mobile Device Management solution so can deploy without any hassle.

Bluetooth Button

Easily raise an alarm with a Bluetooth button, enhancing user safety with quick, discreet alerts to our monitoring team.

Easily Manage App Users

Efficiently administer your lone worker apps through our cloud-based platform. and quickly allocate and de-allocate app licenses.
Easy and fast to roll-out to lone workers
Quickly get your lone workers set up and incorporated into daily work habits with little training and no extra hardware.
Set alarm response instructions
Tailor the response to any alert exactly to your specific protocols and ensure our monitoring team offer the appropriate response.
Detailed alarm audit trail for compliance purposes
Meet your compliance audit requirements in full with a comprehensive audit trail of every alarm activation.
Powerful engagement reporting
Get actionable insights on user engagement and alarm triggers to ensure full compliance with lone worker procedures.
Easily manage lone worker app users

Supported by Our Dedicated 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Centre

Our 24/7 Monitoring Team is highly trained to provide a swift and efficient response to lone worker alarm activations.
Solely dedicated to lone worker alarm for better responses.
Bypasses 999 call and saves vital time in an emergency.
Accredited to the highest industry standards.
Alarm monitoring team
“The people that use the lone worker app the most really find it easy to use. And you know lone workers feel safer. They know that if anything were to happen, that someone will try and get hold of them or escalate the situation if necessary.”
Joe Edwards
Senior Research Associate, Arden Biotechnology

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a mix of Apps and Devices in the same account?

Yes, you can have both Lone Worker App licenses and Vatix Lone Worker alarm devices within the same account. Many of our customers use this approach so they can provide the most appropriate solution for each individual user’s needs, preferences, and risk profile.

What are the benefits of using a lone worker app?

Using a Lone Worker App helps organisations comply with relevant health and safety laws and improve employee wellbeing and satisfaction.

It also enhances efficiency by saving the need for manual check-ins or buddy systems between employees, which can be time-consuming and unreliable.

Overall, a Lone Worker App provides a streamlined, secure, and user-friendly solution for maintaining worker safety.

Can employees use the App on their personal devices?

Yes, employees can use the Lone Worker App on their personal devices. It doesn’t use much battery or data, so it will have no real impact on performance and data usage.

How does the lone worker app protect my privacy?

The Lone Worker App has various privacy controls built in, allowing it to be set to an offline mode when not in use (all core alarm activation features will still work).

Location information is only shared if the app is in an at-risk mode set by the user or if an alarm has been activated on the app, ensuring maximum privacy and control.

Can alarm activations be directed to our own employees or in-house teams instead of Vatix's monitoring centre?

Yes, we offer a self-monitoring service where the customer can use Vatix’s alarm monitoring platform and set specific alarm forwarding profiles for each user in their account.

This ensures that alarm response calls are always routed to the correct person, providing flexibility and alignment with your unique organisational structure and preferences.

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