Near Miss Reporting System

A modern and innovative hazard reporting system that will empower your staff to report hazards in real time.
near miss reporting software
near miss reporting system

Empower Employees
to Report Near Misses

Many employees don’t report near misses. The most common reason why is that employees have to submit tedious hand-written reports. Thus, they feel it is not worth the time or effort to report an incident that didn’t cause any harm.

Protector removes this barrier by making it easy for employees to capture, manage, and report safety incidents as soon as it happens with a mobile app, so you can swiftly take corrective action to avoid a serious incident.

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Easily Report Near Misses

Employees can submit near miss reports on the spot through their mobile devices. They can also add photos and engage in discussions. Managers can then see the report in real time and keep track of all incidents.

No need to stop work to retrieve a physical form and fill it out. Avoid inaccurate reports if employees delay the reporting to later and forget the details. Just real-time incident reporting at their fingertips—and no excuse to avoid reporting a near miss.
near miss reporting system
near miss reporting system

Proactively Implement Corrective Actions

A proactive safety culture can prevent incidents and can save your organisation from penalties, or even prosecution. Protector makes the shift from a reactive to proactive safety culture easy by streamlining near miss reporting procedures.

Threaded discussions on a near miss report accelerates finding solutions and implementing corrective actions. Since every near miss is recorded in a digital audit trail, this information can be used in employee training programs, so they are aware of the risks present in the workplace.

Easily Implement a
Near Miss Reporting Program

Protector’s incident reporting system replaces pen-and-paper reports with a time-saving process. It is the perfect solution for companies with a vision to implement industry-leading safety management and near miss reporting programs.

Industries that can benefit most would be those involving physical labour such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries, or construction. It is also a great solution for employers with high-risk personnel, such as employees who work alone.
near miss reporting system

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"There’s a lot more awareness and profiling on culture improvement now we’ve introduced Vatix to keep people safe. Model behaviours improved. And legal compliance is where it needs to be."
Bjorn Hills,
New England Seafood

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