Managing Lone Worker Safety in Your Organisation

Without a clear picture of the lone working situation in your company, it’s difficult to ensure you have implemented the right safety solutions that will keep your lone workers safe.

Our step-by-step guide on managing lone worker safety aims has been designed to help employers gain awareness in five key areas:

  1. The employer’s obligations towards lone workers.
  2. The number of lone workers under your responsibility.
  3. The exact hazards and risks your lone workers face.
  4. What your lone workers need to stay safe.
  5. The lone working safety solutions that meet their needs.

About the Guide

  • A complete guide to identifying, understanding, and mitigating lone working risks so you can create a first-class workplace safety culture. 
  • Templates and step-by-step guide for four different safety processes: lone working survey, lone working risk assessment, near miss and incident reporting, and risk management strategy.
  • Resources and next steps to take action and implement each step of the guideline according to best practises
managing lone worker safety