Lone Working Survey

How certain are you that you understand all the risks and hazards your lone workers face and how to keep them safe?

In our recent 2021 market report, “The State of UK Workplace Safety in 2021,” 25% of respondents reported having low confidence in their manager’s awareness of workplace risks and hazards.

Don’t assume you have the complete picture of safety in your workplace—take the steps to make sure you do. Download our free Lone Working Survey for Employees to investigate the working habits of your employees and identify the right lone working solutions to keep them safe.

Download your Lone Working Survey

  • Designed to give you insights on what you need to keep your employees, contract workers, and volunteers who work alone as safe as possible while on duty.
  • Helps you to identify blind spots or non-compliance issues that need to be addressed immediately.
  • Customisable and editable to suit your individual business’ needs.

Download the free survey now.

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