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Streamline Asset Maintenance

Easily schedule preventative maintenance activities in order to plan, track and manage all your asset maintenance from a single centralised platform.
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Simplify Routine Maintenance

Quality asset maintenance ensures a safe working environment and reduces minor and major downtime of business operations caused by equipment failure. Workflows simplifies maintenance for all your assets.

Managers and supervisors can create multiple inspection forms with customisable questions. Employees can then select an inspection from their mobile app and easily submit an inspection report, which any team member can then access in real-time for discussion or corrective actions.
asset maintenance app

Our Customers

asset maintenance app

Keep Equipment Running & Avoid Downtime

Downtime caused by inefficiency or assets breakdown lead to production losses, incidents, or both. Keeping your equipment in top condition reduces downtimes, minimises repairs, and prolongs equipment life. Workflows helps you achieve all this.

With a simple click, you can see all pending corrective action tasks. Open them to comment, discuss, attach files or images, assign, and follow up with your team members until all corrective actions have been completed.

Reduce the Time You Spend on Maintenance Processes

Workflows inspection and task management app streamlines how you plan, test, and implement preventive maintenance programs by giving you a clear view of what has been done and what needs to be done next.

Easily set reminders for the maintenance of different asset groups and then assign tasks to your team. Customise how you receive notifications and alerts of issues reported in real-time, so you can follow up with the appropriate corrective action before it’s too late.
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asset maintenance app
asset maintenance app

Simple & Reliable for Asset-Intensive Industries

Asset-intensive industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, fishing, oil & gas, power & energy, and water & wastewater can enjoy a more productive and effective asset maintenance process with Workflows.

The integration of asset maintenance and task management on one platform make it incredibly simple for managers to stay on top of regular asset maintenance duties.

Our Customers Say

  • "Everything about Protector is exactly what we need as reassurance. Employees just need to press the button and it's amazing how quick the response is. The feedback is always excellent. You know, what they're actually wearing now will save their lives. They may be on their own, but they're not on their own, they are protected."
    university of cambridge
    Building & Services Manager, Homerton College
  • "Peace of mind to staff has been the main result of using Protector. There's a lot more awareness and profiling on culture improvement now we've introduced Vatix to keep people safe. Model behaviours improved. And legal compliance is where it needs to be."
    New England Seafood
    Health, Safety and Environment Manager, New England Seafood
  • "A lot of the response I've had back from people I've spoken to, is that it is simple to use and simple to understand."
    Robinson Contract Services
    Kay Baker, Robinson Contract Services
  • "Vatix is just a phone call away - which makes it a lot easier."
    Ian Pope, Severfield
  • "For me Vatix was really the whole package."
    Raj Kaur, WATMOS Housing
  • "The feedback has been great internally. The drivers especially like them because of the simplicity."
    Leon Taylor, Greencore
  • "It's exactly what we need when we do an investigation report."
    Monica Monti, Swissport

Streamline Your Asset Maintenance with Workflows

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