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Easily create, manage, and complete all your property inspections on a digital platform without needing to handle time-consuming pen-and-paper inspections.
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property inspections app

Property Inspections

Property inspections can be time consuming as it involves thoroughly assessing the property condition, whether you’re a developer running a safety assessment or a real estate agent assessing a property for market value and potential.

Workflows solves this challenge by providing a single platform to create, manage, and complete all property inspections in any location as well as manage corrective actions with your team—without having to be there yourself
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Customise Inspection Templates

Each type of inspection requires a different process, leaving managers with potentially more inspection forms, team members, and third-party experts to coordinate with. Workflows saves the day by digitising property inspections.

Managers can create any type of inspection forms with customisable checklists using Workflow’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Team members or contractors can then select the relevant inspection form via the mobile app and complete the inspection with just a few taps.
property inspections app
property inspections app

Streamline Completing Corrective Actions

Using group chats and email to keep track of discussions and corrective actions is inefficient and can lead to errors, especially as your team grows. With Workflow, you’ll never miss a beat no matter how big your team gets.

The task management feature with tagging, personalised notifications, threaded discussions, and media attachment capabilities makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. Managers can view inspections filtering by status or responsible party, streamlining corrective actions.

A Property Manager’s Best Friend

Property managers in industries such as estate agents, developers, and owners/landlords love how Workflows takes time-consuming handwritten inspections off their plate.

The flexibility to create customisable inspection templates simplifies communication, reporting, and completion of corrective tasks. Enjoy the peace of mind that no property will receive a subpar inspection and no corrective action will get lost under mountains of paperwork.
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