Manage Quality Control Inspections without Stress

Easily conduct quality control inspections in real-time on a single platform so you can quickly implement corrective actions and deliver excellence.
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A strong quality control process is critical to consistently deliver the value and experience your customers expect, or better. It’s no secret however that staying on top of quality control can be very time-consuming and tedious.

Quality assurance has many moving parts that need to be managed in real-time, such as raw materials or equipment. Workflows makes it easy for you to see exactly what needs to be done for every area — giving you confidence your business is not vulnerable to costly, avoidable errors.

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Implement Corrective
Actions Without Delay

Workflows enables real-time monitoring of inspection reports—which means no time is wasted waiting around for paper inspections and checklists to be compiled and delivered before corrective actions can be assigned and implemented.

First, managers or supervisors create inspection templates with customisable checklists. Employees then complete the relevant inspection form. Finally, managers and supervisors view completed and in-progress inspection reports to manage corrective actions without delay.

quality control app
quality control app

Achieve International Standards of Quality

Workflows helps you strengthen compliance with international standards and independent audits in two ways. First, managers can use its filter function to quickly identify and follow up on incomplete issues or corrective actions.

Secondly, threaded discussions with media upload capabilities give supervisors contextual information of inspections. Historical records of discussions, photos, and documents allow managers to evaluate the effectiveness of corrective actions to further improve the assurance process.

A Commitment to
Deliver Excellence

While quality control is highly associated with manufacturing and production, it is not limited to these industries. International standards of quality cover a wide range of products and services.

This makes quality control integral to the success of every company in any industry. Quality assurance supervisors love how Workflows streamlines quality control inspections and give them real-time visibility of inspections and issues raised.

quality control app

Make Standardised High-Quality Your Company Culture

To achieve the highest standards of quality control, you need to nip any problems in the bud. Monitoring inspections in real-time and documenting quality inspection reports become an essential need, not just a “nice-to-have”. Get a free trial of Workflows today to incorporate this necessity into your organisational workflow today.