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Hassle-Free Vehicle Inspections

Discover the joys of a single centralised platform that puts all drivers and employees on the same page for vehicle safety checks, inspections, and preventive maintenance.
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Coordinate Vehicle Inspections

Under HSE laws, every employer is obliged to ensure their vehicles are maintained in an efficient state and working order through regular inspections and preventive maintenance.

Since vehicles are constantly on the move, coordinating team members for vehicle inspection and maintenance can be challenging. Workflows solves this by providing a single platform to create and keep track of all vehicle inspections and corrective actions, wherever your vehicles may be.
vehicle inspections app

Our Customers

vehicle inspections app

A Hassle-Free Vehicle Inspection Process for Everyone on the Team

With Workflows’ visually intuitive drag-and-drop interface, managers can create different types of inspection templates with customisable checklists. Drivers then simply select the relevant inspection template to complete their daily safety checks through their mobile phones without handling messy paperwork.

Managers can then create and follow up on any corrective tasks with the integrated task management feature. Automatic generation of the final inspection report reduces time spent formatting reports, so managers can channel more time into business growth.
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Raise the Standards & Recognition for Your Fleet

Workflows can become a powerful tool for achieving HSE compliance and any other third-party quality certification, audit standards, or insurance requirements.

The flexible task management feature with tagging, personalised notifications, and document attachment capabilities streamlines how you and your team completes tasks to meet any external prerequisite. Automatic report generation with a complete history log can provide third parties with the information they need for evaluation processes.
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vehicle inspections app

Smooth & Effective Fleet Maintenance

Workflows simplifies fleet maintenance for companies that need to make sure their vehicle inspection and maintenance processes are running like clockwork.

The cloud-based platform presents a more efficient way to hold regular inspections and maintenance. Managers can log in from any device to check the progress of inspections and follow up on corrective actions. A report filter helps them see all the necessary information at once, so there is no need to waste time searching through irrelevant details.
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Our Customers Say

  • "Everything about Protector is exactly what we need as reassurance. Employees just need to press the button and it's amazing how quick the response is. The feedback is always excellent. You know, what they're actually wearing now will save their lives. They may be on their own, but they're not on their own, they are protected."
    university of cambridge
    Building & Services Manager, Homerton College
  • "Peace of mind to staff has been the main result of using Protector. There's a lot more awareness and profiling on culture improvement now we've introduced Vatix to keep people safe. Model behaviours improved. And legal compliance is where it needs to be."
    New England Seafood
    Health, Safety and Environment Manager, New England Seafood
  • "A lot of the response I've had back from people I've spoken to, is that it is simple to use and simple to understand."
    Robinson Contract Services
    Kay Baker, Robinson Contract Services
  • "Vatix is just a phone call away - which makes it a lot easier."
    Ian Pope, Severfield
  • "For me Vatix was really the whole package."
    Raj Kaur, WATMOS Housing
  • "The feedback has been great internally. The drivers especially like them because of the simplicity."
    Leon Taylor, Greencore
  • "It's exactly what we need when we do an investigation report."
    Monica Monti, Swissport

Streamline Your Vehicle Inspections with Workflows

Say goodbye to pen-and-paper inspection reports and checklists. Usher in a faster, easier way to streamline your vehicle maintenance processes and boost productivity. Request a free trial of Workflows today and experience the hassle-free solution to conduct vehicle inspections and achieve vehicle safety and performance.
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