Spark 2 Life

Spark 2 Life, a charity at the forefront of preventive work with at-risk youth, operates with a mission to transform the lives of young people who have come from challenging circumstances. The nature of their work often involves staff working alone, highlighting the importance of a lone worker safety system for both staff security and insurance requirements.

Company Size
25+ employees
London, United Kingdom
Lone Working Safety


The Challenge

When they came to Vatix, Spark 2 Life were with another well-known provider, but were struggling to make the solution work for them. 

From an admin perspective, Spark 2 Life operates with a small team, juggling lots of responsibilities and complex roles. That team couldn’t afford to waste resources on inefficient systems. They found the admin platform they were using too complex and cumbersome to be effective.

incident reporting

End-users too were dissatisfied. The app-based nature of the previous solution was another stumbling block, as it failed to function across the diverse range of mobile devices used by the team, leaving staff waiting to get new phones. It was costly for the organisation and frustrating for staff members who just wanted to do their day-to-day tasks rather than trying to get a lone working solution to work properly.

The most pressing issue was the response times; even minor updates, like a staff member's name change, could take up to four days to process due to the provider's lengthy response time. This delay posed a significant risk, leaving staff potentially unprotected and causing operational disruptions.

lone worker device in use

The Solution

Following rigorous research into the market and speaking to similar organisations, Spark 2 Life selected Vatix as the supplier who could solve their issues. 

Adopting Vatix's solution marked a significant shift in Spark 2 Life's approach to staff safety. The transition involved a training session for administrators and a training session for end-users to highlight the benefits of the solution to them personally. The process was smooth, with Vatix providing the necessary support at every step.


The introduction of Vatix's system has been transformative for Spark 2 Life. From an administrative perspective, the user-friendly Vatix platform gave staff their time back. Administrative training sessions, a lengthy four-hour commitment with their previous solution provider, were reduced to just 20 minutes.

On top of freeing up the admin team, end-users of the alarm also reported increased satisfaction. They felt safer using Vatix’s alarm, appreciating its discreetness and effectiveness in dangerous moments.

Across the whole company, the support provided by the Vatix account manager was highly valued. The previous frustrations of waiting days for simple requests to be actioned were no longer an issue. This improvement saved considerable time and significantly boosted the team’s sense of security. In summary, the switch to Vatix has made everyone at Spark 2 Life not only more efficient but also more secure.

Alison Lait
Community Mentoring Administrative Coordinator

"The way the company works is very different with support and level of service. Our account manager is always on hand if we do have questions. You can protect your staff or people who are volunteering for you very, very easily just by using this device. The most important thing is looking after your workers, and with Vatix and how the platform is set up, it’s simple to do that."

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