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Smiths Detection

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Smiths Detection is a global leader in the development of threat detection and screening technologies. Their advanced machinery is a staple in airports worldwide. With a team of dedicated engineers working across various sites, the company identified a significant risk associated with lone working, especially when handling complex machinery.

The Challenge

The challenge Smiths Detection faced was multifaceted and arose primarily within their UK operations. However, as an organisation with a global footprint, they sought a solution that could be scaled across all regions. 

Their engineers, tasked with managing and maintaining intricate and potentially hazardous machinery, often worked in isolation. This isolation increased the risk of incidents without immediate support, highlighting a pressing need for a robust system dedicated to lone worker safety.

Airport security

Initial trials with various suppliers revealed a preference for an app-based solution, aligning with the engineers’ reluctance to carry additional, cumbersome devices. This preference was about ensuring seamless integration into their daily workflows without adding unnecessary burdens or distractions.

Moreover, Smiths Detection prioritised simplicity and usability in the solution they sought. They recognised that for any system to be embraced by their staff, it had to be intuitive, straightforward, and, most importantly, enhance their safety without complicating their tasks. 

The Solution

After exploring options with various suppliers without success, Smiths Detection started a trial with Vatix. Only upon partnering with Vatix did they notice a significant shift in staff engagement. 

Vatix’s approach, characterised by hands-on support during the trial phase, direct engagement with end-users, and a clear exposition of the app’s benefits, garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from the engineers. 

The simplicity and user-friendly nature of the Vatix app were particularly appreciated, as it was extremely important for Smiths that their engineers had something easy to use. The enthusiastic reception from the end-users was a key factor in Smiths Detection’s decision to move forward with Vatix.


The integration of Vatix’s app-based solution into Smiths Detection’s operational framework has been nothing short of transformative. By providing a robust layer of 24-hour monitoring support, Vatix has significantly elevated the safety and security of their engineers.

The solution’s ability to be deployed globally was a significant factor. This uniformity in safety measures was particularly significant for a global entity like Smiths Detection, ensuring that no matter where their engineers are stationed, they benefit from the same high standard of safety and security.

Overall, the transition to Vatix’s system has marked a considerable improvement in both operational efficiency and employee welfare.

“We haven’t just been sold a product. Other companies I would get pushed through to a salesman who didn’t give me the support that I needed to get the business case together. Vatix are really proactive and I think the ongoing support that we’ve received makes you stand out.”

Hayley Thorne
Regional Service Manager

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