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The Percy Hedley Foundation

Non-Profit Organisation
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1,000+ employees
Incident Reporting

The Percy Hedley Foundation is a charity dedicated to improving the everyday lives of people with disabilities. The foundation provides special education, residential care, and day services for individuals with complex learning difficulties, disabilities, and communication needs through its schools, colleges, and homes.

The Challenge

The Percy Hedley Foundation aimed to enhance their reporting system, which was previously paper-based and involved manual data entry into Excel spreadsheets. This system was prone to human error, affecting the accuracy and consistency of reports. Additionally, the process was administratively demanding, taking up valuable staff time.

The foundation sought a solution to streamline their reporting processes, reduce administrative workload, and ensure consistent and accurate reporting. They aimed for an easy-to-use system that would encourage timely and proper reporting, ultimately allowing staff to focus on more proactive and impactful work.

The Percy Hedley Foundation

The Solution

In their search for an improved reporting system, the Percy Hedley Foundation chose Vatix due to its ease of use and flexibility in meeting their specific needs. 

Vatix’s solution stood out for its customisation, enabling the foundation to tailor the system to their unique requirements. This included replicating the effective aspects of their previous system, such as maintaining the same questions and reporting formats, while eliminating the manual, time-consuming elements. This customisation ensured a seamless transition for staff, preserving familiarity and consistency in reporting. 

A significant advantage was the enhanced reporting capabilities. The live, constantly updated dashboard provided real-time insights, replacing the need for labour-intensive manual monthly reports.


Since implementing Vatix’s solution, the Percy Hedley Foundation has experienced significant improvements across multiple areas. The system is used extensively throughout the organisation, with the live dashboard proving invaluable for its ability to filter and display data in various ways. This feature greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of the reporting process, ensuring timely and consistent data availability for all stakeholders involved.

The speed and ease of reporting have also improved markedly. Staff can now quickly report incidents using mobile, tablets or laptops, making the process more accessible and user-friendly. This ease of use has led to an increase in overall reporting, particularly around near miss incidents, allowing the foundation to take proactive measures to prevent actual incidents. This has been a significant advantage in maintaining a safer environment.

Additionally, the automation provided by Vatix’s solution significantly reduced administrative tasks. This has saved the organisation time and improved overall efficiency while eliminating much of the potential for human error that was inherent in the previous manual system.

Overall, the solution has streamlined operations, improved accuracy, and freed up staff time for more proactive and impactful work.

“It’s a really intuitive and user-friendly system that we rely on heavily. We’ve seen a significant improvement in near miss reporting, which means we can address issues before they escalate. We especially value the flexibility that Vatix had around tailoring the solution to our specific needs.”

Claire Snowdon
Health and Safety Manager

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