Employee-Led Lone Working Safety Solutions

Protector is a lone working safety solution integrated with GPS-enabled safety apps, devices, and monitoring that provides every employee with the peace of mind that their safety is in good hands.

A Complete Lone Worker Alarm Solution

Protector is an ecosystem of cutting-edge lone working safety devices and app that seamlessly integrate with a platform. Any alarms raised can be connected to a customisable in-house monitoring or our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

The transferable devices and app licenses feature gives you full flexibility to adapt it as your business evolves. With accredited HSE-compliant processes and automated audit log, you can also rest assured that it will help keep your organisation in compliance with safety laws.
Lone Worker Safety

How It Works

01 – Equip
02 – Activate Alarm
03 – Monitoring Response
04 – Audit Log


Equip your workers at risk with our lone worker safety devices or apps.

Activate Alarm

In the case of an emergency, your staff can activate the alarm through the device or app with a single push or tap.

Monitoring Response

Once the alarm is activated, the device or app will automatically start a two-way voice call with either our 24/7 monitoring center response team or your designated in-house alarm responders.

Audit Log

Once the alarm has been closed, Protector will automatically log the full incident from start to finish in your digital log book, saving you time from completing manual paperwork while ensuring H&S compliance.

Device & App

Safe Pro Device

Safe Pro Device

Industry-leading alarm device with two-way audio, GPS, fall detection, and all-day battery life.
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Lone Worker App

Lone Worker App

iOS and Android lone worker safety app with advanced notification features and unrivalled ease of use.
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ARC Monitoring

Two Reliable Ways to Monitor Your Workers

Choose in-house or our 24/7 monitoring. With in-house monitoring, you have the flexibility to customise alarm profiles with specific escalation procedures for different groups of employees or risk groups.

If you choose to be monitored by us, you’ll be partnered with our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that is BS8484: 2016 and EN50518 accredited to respond to any alerts, alarm activation, and emergencies according to the escalation policy you set.

Protector Alarms is More Than the Sum of its Parts

Choosing a lone worker safety solution goes beyond selecting the actual lone worker device. It's about getting a safety solution that streamlines health and safety tasks, from automated check-ins and digitised incident reporting to flexible and reliable monitoring solutions.

Together, these capabilities become more than the sum of its parts. It empowers team members to easily collaborate and take charge of their safety, which promotes a positive, employee-led safety culture.

Discover Your Custom-Fit Safety Solution

Protect your workforce with the only employee-led software that will create a top safety culture in your organisation. Contact us for a custom demo of Protector Alarms to discover how you can design a custom-fit workplace safety solution based on your budget and needs.
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Protector is an incident reporting & 24/7 monitored lone worker safety solution.
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