Lone Worker Device

Lone working safety device with two-way audio, GPS, 4G, fall detection, and up to 7 days battery life*. BS:8484 accredited.
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Get Help in an Emergency

In the event of an emergency, an alarm can be activated by pressing the SOS button or through fall detection. Once triggered, the device initiates a call with the alarm responder.

Our Safe Pro® device is equipped with a multi-network SIM card that allows it to connect to several of the UK's largest mobile networks, ensuring maximum signal coverage.
SOS button
The device is easy to wear and alarms can be quickly raised by pressing the SOS button.
Fall detection
The Safe Pro automatically starts an alarm call if the person using it falls or is incapacitated.
Lone Worker Device

Fast Emergency Response

When the alarm is activated, the device initiates a call between the user and a highly trained operator at one of our two 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centres.

The user can speak with the alarm responder through the device's microphone and loudspeaker. The device uses a 4G connection and HD voice technology to provide crystal-clear audio during the calls.
Highest accreditation standards
We are certified against BS8484: 2021, BS EN 50518:2019 Category 1, BS 8484:2016 and
ISO 27001.
Highest level of police response
Thanks to our Unique Reference Number (URN), we can directly contact the police, faster than 999.

Great for Low Signal Areas

Thanks to its Roaming SIM, the Safe Pro® device can switch between the top 4 UK mobile networks, ensuring reliable coverage even in areas with weak signal coverage.

21% of the UK is made up of areas that are partial not-spots
where 1 or more mobile networks are unavailable. Our SIM provides up to 99.5% geographic coverage in the UK, filling in single mobile network not-spots.
Maximum signal coverage
The device features a Roaming SIM card that works on multiple major mobile networks in the UK.
HD Audio Calls
The alarm calls have high-quality audio, guaranteeing a smooth communication during emergencies.

Up to 7 Days Battery Life

This lone worker device has an up to 7 days battery life*. Your team can rest assured that their devices will last even the longest days of work.
All-day battery life
Work with the peace of mind that your device will always have enough power to keep you protected.
Fast charging device
Leave the device into the charging base to get it fully charged in only 3 hours.

Locations Indoors and Out

Our lone working device ensures accurate location information both indoors and outdoors, enabling alarm responders to easily locate the users during emergencies to provide assistance more quickly.

The device's GPS tracking capabilities allow for accurate location determination when working outside, while its Wi-Fi technology provides precise location information when indoors. Privacy controls can be set up to ensure location is only tracked when needed.
Indoor Positioning (Wi-Fi)
The Safe Pro® uses Wi-Fi to provide accurate location in any workplace with an available Wi-Fi connection.
Outdoor Positioning (GPS)
The device leverages GPS technology to accurately determine the user's location in an emergency.

Protector Web App

Escalate Alarms with the Right People

Edit or create the instructions for contacting the appropriate parties in the event of an alarm. Set up response profiles for teams or customise for individual staff members.

Measure and Track Engagement

Gain insight into usage via a real-time dashboard, enabling you to monitor service usage and take proactive measures to enhance health & safety performance.

Keep Investigations & Compliance Simple

Complete with timestamped notes from our operators, all alarms will have a corresponding incident record for your reference.

Easily Assign and Unassign Devices

Easily manage your teams and assign the Safe Pro® devices to those who need them with just a few clicks. Users can also get a device assigned by using our free companion app.

Manage Your Teams

Organise your employees in multiple teams and assign the managers of each team from our platform. This will ensure all your employees have the right permission levels.

Our Customers Say

“It's changed things massively for us. It's given us peace of mind if something should happen, there's a voice on the end of the call.”
Scott Mclaren,
Edinburgh Airport Services
“We were worried (after previous experiences) that staff wouldn't be able to access the app or be properly covered. Vatix changed that.”
Chris Walker,
Survivors Unite
“Our favourite part of working with Vatix is the support. Our account manager is always on hand and the response time is really quick.”
Allison Lait,
Spark 2 Life
Product Specifications
What's in the box
Device Accessories
Battery Life
Up to 7 Days*
Tracking Interval
2 minutes
Dimensions (mm)
SIM Card
Fall-Down Detection
Two-way Audio
Indoor Positioning
Safe Pro device
Charging base
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